Thanks for visiting my website and for your interest in using my imagery. I do license my images both for commerical purposes as well as for personal projects, and each of those requires a different type of license. There are two types of licenses that I grant for the use of my photographs, as each scenario requires a different approach. They are:

  • Creative Commons License for personal use

  • Commercial License for business use

Let me explain how these two very different licenses work.

Creative Commons

Using a Creative Commons licensing approach allows me to strike a balance between allowing use of my photographs on personal projects vs using them for commercial work. With a Creative Commons license, you can download and use my photographs in your personal projects, such as personal blog posts, school projects, articles you write and share online for personal use, desktop wallpaper or screensaver, etc. In short, if you are in no way making a living or being compensated by sharing these things online (in other words, if this is NOT business-related), then this is the type of license for this situation and it is fine for you to go ahead and download the image from the website and use it for free. The license is automatically granted and there is no need to contact me about this. Please note the following information, however. This is important.

You are allowed to:

  • Share: copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format 
  • Adapt: remix, transform and build upon the material 

Under these terms:

  • Attribution is required: you must give appropriate credit to me (Jim Nix) as the original artist, and link to my site - this is particularly important for situations where you share your use of my images online.
  • Non-Commercial: You may NOT use the material for any commercial purpose whatsoever. In this situation, the easiest way to determine if this is commercial use (but not the only way) is whether you are a business of any sort (for-profit, non-profit, professional blogger, professional artist, etc). If there is compensation of any kind for you involved in the type of work in which you are using my photo, then please read the Commercial section below. 


For any commercial usage whatsoever, you must contact me and we can discuss a commercial license which must be expressly granted by me. Licensing fees will be applicable - my images are not free to use for commercial purposes. Fees vary based on usage type, photo, duration, quantity and other factors. I do offer discounted rates for non-profit and education-based entities.

Here are some sample commercial uses that my images have been licensed for (this is not an exhaustive list of possible examples - there are many):

  • Images placed on coasters, napkins and shopping bags (tourism-related)
  • Images used in a Foundation’s annual calendar (marketing)
  • Images used on a company website or blog (marketing, online)
  • Images used in a corporate marketing campaign (print and web)
  • Images used for magazine copy or advertisement (print distribution)
  • Digital file used to create a personal print (license my image, print at your printer of choice to display)

There are many different commercial uses, but at the core it comes down to whether the image will be used by a commercial entity (regardless if it is non-profit or for-profit) or for printing for personal display. If your organization is a business of any type or size, this is the license for you. Please contact me for details and please be specific about what type of use you have in mind for my photo. You can email me directly at jimnix17 (at) gmail dot com.

You can contact me on this page with this any questions. Thanks much for your interest.