Top Photo Spots in Las Vegas

Top Photo Spots in Las Vegas

Are you looking for the best places to take photos in Las Vegas?  Are you heading to Las Vegas for a vacation?  Will you be in a hotel or casino on the Las Vegas Strip?  Are you a fan of architecture?  How about awesome neon signs?  Do you enjoy pseudo world travel experiences?  Are you bringing your camera?  You better!  Las Vegas is for you!  It’s all fabricated, but it’s a lot of fun.  It’s Disney for adults!  Pack that camera and read on!

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This town is literally jam-packed with great things to point your camera at, whether you are into HDR or not.  With so many casinos there, all trying to outdo each other, it’s like a mini World Tour along the Las Vegas Strip.  It really does feel like you are traveling around the world, to a certain extent.  In that respect, it reminds me a lot of EPCOT.  Of course, at EPCOT you’re less likely to have intoxicated maniacs running around…just saying’.  Still it’s great fun and offers an endless amount of photo opportunities.

Las Vegas is generally thought about as a place to go party – and that’s definitely the case, if that’s your thing – but it is an amazing place for photographers as well.  This Top Photo Spots list is a little different from my previous ones, in that it is just centered on spots along one street in Las Vegas – The Strip (except for #15, which you definitely want to go see!).  You could spend days here and never shoot it all.  But it’s fun trying!

Also, as you may have read elsewhere here on the blog, I highly recommend shooting at sunrise.  There are a lot of reasons why – and it depends on what you want to photograph – but in Las Vegas I highly recommend it because in the early morning you can have all these spots to yourself.  It’s such a party town that everyone stays out late…which means they are mostly all asleep if you are out shooting at dawn.

So, let’s get into the list.   These are in no particular order – they are just some awesome spots to shoot when visiting.  Like my other lists, my little disclaimer is that it is impossible for me to list ALL the best spots, as I can’t possibly spend enough time here to find them all.  Heck, I don’t even have all the best spots on my Austin list…and I live there!  But, this is a great sampler of the wonderful photo opportunities that await you in exciting Las Vegas!  Enjoy the list and have fun out there!

 1. The front view of The Bellagio

The reflections of The Bellagio in their big lagoon are just awesome.  I love architecture, and there are a lot of options here for different compositions.


2. Paris’s Eiffel Tower reflected in the waters of Bellagio

I stumbled on this scene by accident.  I had been shooting inside the Bellagio’s shopping area, and when I walked out and saw Paris reflected, I loved it!  The fabulous sky that morning was just a bonus.  If you are facing The Bellagio, this is on the right side of the lagoon.


3. Inside The Bellagio

This hotel is beautiful.  That’s the bottom line, and that’s why I have it listed out for the first 3 spots on my list.  So much to shoot here!  This shot is something I took in their shopping arcade area...even that is a marvel!

Luxury shopping at Bellagio.jpg

4. Inside The Venetian entrance hall

Talk about a grand entrance!  This place just glitters.  If you are using a tripod (which I was) then take your shots quick.  I got asked to leave because of my tripod, but folks with handheld stuff were doing just fine.  What a dumb rule.  Just sayin’.  But other than that, it’s fabulous!


5. Inside the shopping arcade at The Venetian

Here’s another place to shoot while in The Venetian.  This is indoors, made to look like you are wandering around outside in Venice.  Pretty cool effect, really!  Even the “streets” are cobblestone.  Plus they have those gondolas taking folks on tours!  


6. The lagoon at The Venetian

I love reflections, and the lagoon out in front of The Venetian is a great spot for them!  The place really does a great job of making you feel like you are in Italy!


7.  The Strip in front of Paris

I stayed at Paris the last time I went to Las Vegas, and it’s pretty cool.  But what’s even cooler to me is getting shots like this one down The Strip with that big Eiffel Tower replica up there.  Blue hour was incredible on the morning that I took this one.


8.  The entry to Bally’s

This is what I call the Las Vegas Time Machine.  Doesn’t it look like one?  This is the entrance to Bally’s which has been around for ever it seems.  I’ve actually never been in the place, but the entrance is surely worth a photo stop!

The time machine.jpg

9.  The sphinx at Luxor

This guy is just cool, don’t you think?  The Luxor is pretty old and I stayed it in years ago...and it seemed old then.  But regardless of the interior, that big Sphinx out front is pretty wicked looking to me.

LC sphinx.jpg

10.  The castle tops at Excalibur

Another really old place in Las Vegas (there are a lot of them) but the exterior is one of those classic Vegas spots to, quirky, and interesting to shoot.


11. The fountains in front of Bellagio

Ok, I should have included this up above near The Bellagio itself, but I am apparently not that organized.  So here you go - be sure and show up in front of the Bellagio one evening to watch their beautiful dancing fountains!

12. In front of aria and the shops at crystals

I love architecture, and this spot is just a photographic wonderland!  There are so many shapes and angles here - you can literally fire away for quite some time!

13. Caesar's Palace and the fountains

Like all casinos in Las Vegas, there is just so much to shoot here.  There are the big Roman statues inside, the fountains out front, and of course this replica of the Trevi Fountain, which I just loved.  The lights change colors so it's quite fun to stand there and watch!

14. Inside the Cosmopolitan

This casino is rather different than most, in that instead of a "themed hotel" it's more of a modern architecture sort of place.  But that's ok with me, because I love modern architecture, and there are lots of interesting shots you can get here.  This photo is the bar in the lobby, which I just loved.

15. The Fremont Street Experience

This area is crazy but fun to shoot.  It's old Las Vegas, and it shows - though I mean that in a good way.  There are some old hotels nearby, some dilapidated spots, and then you wander into the Fremont Street Experience and man the neon and lighting just glows!  There are old casinos here, lots of signs, and some rather weird and wild street performers/beggars/miscreants.  It's all part of the fun!

16. In front of the Monte Carlo hotel and casino

Another casino and another place to take shots!  I was wandering by here, shooting away, and just loved the scene with the towers of NYNY in the background.  Worth a quick stop for a shot, for sure!

17. In front of New York New York

Surprise!  It's another casino.  :-)  Really though, I just couldn't stop shooting here!  It helped that I had a beautiful sunset and blue hour, but the scene with this fake Brooklyn Bridge was too much to resist!

18. The Mirage

The waterfalls here are pretty nice to watch (and photograph!), and if you stick around long enough there's a volcano that will explode.  It's loud and fiery, and fun!

19. The "welcome to Las Vegas" sign

You pretty much have to go see this one, right?  Everyone lines up and gets their photo taken, and you are unlikely to have it to yourself.  Note that this is on the south end of the Strip, past Mandalay Bay.  It's in a median strip in the center of the road, and there is parking nearby.  Click!

20.  Bonus idea: all those fabulous signs and random bits of awesomeness

Ok, so I realize that this is not really a “spot” per se - it’s really just cool stuff you can find all over town.  I love shooting signs, and fire away at them quite a bit while I am traveling.  Las Vegas is a sort of mecca for signs.  They are everywhere, and there are lots of cool ones.  Just keep the camera handy while walking around - you’ll find something interesting for sure!


There are still many more places to go shoot here than I will probably ever get to.  A few more that come to mind and are worth a photo visit are Mandalay Bay, Monte Carlo, Caesar’s Palace, The Mirage, The Wynn (what an incredible place) and even a drive into the old downtown area to see the Golden Nugget and other famous old spots.  I also hope to some day get to the top of Stratosphere and shoot towards The Strip, as well as fire some shots from the top of the Eiffel Tower.  Well, maybe next time!  I will add new spots when I get them!  

Well that about covers this Top Photo Spots list for fabulous Las Vegas, NV!  Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to leave additional ideas in the comments section.  Hope this helps!  Have fun shooting out there!