Top iPhone photo apps

Are you looking for the best iPhone photo apps?  Do you want to make really cool, interesting, fun, whimsical, and awe-inspiring photos with your iPhone to put on Facebook and impress your friends?  Are you a budding iPhoneographer?  

Downloading some photo apps is just what you need! It's fun, interesting, creative - and it gives you immediate gratification!

Here's a screenshot of my top apps - read on to hear about them!

I have been experimenting (and shooting!!) quite a bit with my iPhone 4S, and I am loving every minute of it.  One thing that makes it so fun and interesting to me is the plethora of cool apps that are available in the App Store that you can use to create lots of incredible effects in your images.

Need any recommendations?  Here I have compiled a list of my favorite photo apps that I use very in daily.  Since there are so many out there, this list is not even close to comprehensive.  There's just no way to know them all!  But, it is a great selection of apps (some free, some not so free) that are awesome tools to have in your iPhone photo arsenal.

Feel free to leave other ideas, or just general feedback, in the comments section below.  Thanks for looking!


My Favorite iPhone Photo Apps

1) Snapseed

This is one awesome photo app! It's made by the good folks at Nik Software, and brings you many of the same goodies you are accustomed to in their software suite - but suited for the iPhone.  I believe it won App of the Year in 2011 as well.  You can read my full review of this app by clicking here.   Price: $4.99 (but well worth it!)

Here's a sample photo of the Bay Bridge in San Francisco, CA - edited with this wonderful app:

2) Camera+

This was my first photo app, and still holds a dear place in my heart.  There's just so much you can do with this one.  I use this all the time, and love so many of the settings - Clarity, name it!  It also has some great frames you can quickly add - all in just a few taps!  You can read my full review of this app by clicking here.  Price: $1.99

Here's a sample photo of St. Francis Cathedral in Santa Fe, NM - edited with this wonderful app:

3) ProHDR

This is the only app I use to create my iPhone HDR photos.  It takes 2 images and merges them, and then allows you to customize from there.  It's very handy, and very effective.  You can read my full review of this app by clicking here.  Price: $1.99

Here's a sample photo from the Texas hill country, edited with this wonderful app:

4) ProCamera

This app gives you some incredible control over your photos, including setting focus and exposure separately.  It's amazing!  Price: $1.99

5) PhotoForge2

I love this app, it's so cool!  It gives you lots of filters and textures, and you can even do layers with it.  Very powerful and lots of creativity lurking within!  Price: $1.99

6) King Camera

Another very capable app, sort of an all-in-one like many of them.  It gives you great control over white balance, saturation, texture and more!  Price: FREE for the basic app, there is an upgrade available.

7) FX PhotoStudio

This is one of those "must-have" apps.  It is a huge collection of filters, nearly 200 of them.  You can easily apply to an image and then adjust the intensity from there.  You can read my full review of this app by clicking here.   Price: $0.99

Here's a sample photo of Loch Lomond in Scotland - edited with this wonderful app:

8) 100 Cameras in 1

From the mind of Trey Ratcliff comes this cool and interesting app which is essentially a huge collection of filters.  You can easily apply to an image, dial the strength of it up or down, and stack filters for more cool effects!  Price: $0.99

9) AutoStitch

Did you know you can shoot a panorama with your iPhone?  You can!  This amazing app lets you take all the shots and stitch them together.  Works like a charm!  Price: $0.99

10) Photo Reflection

I count this app as more whimsical and fun than anything else, but it has it's place.  You can easily do a mirror reflection of an image as well as other reflection-type effects.  It's a great tool to have for the right image.  Price: FREE!


That's a quick summary.  I hope it helps, and have fun shooting with your iPhone!