Textures and Overlays for Creative Experimentation

Using textures and other overlays in your photos (such as skies and clouds to replace a boring one) can add an interesting and fun element to an otherwise boring photo. But you can also take these and apply them to beautiful photos and come up with something truly original and beautiful in a different way.

I have been collecting textures and skies/clouds photos for a long time, and this is where you can find my available packs. These are all JPG files suitable for use with any photo editor that allows for adding layers. My personal preference is to use Luminar, but since these are JPG files they are compatible across any photo editor.

Urban Distress Texture Pack = $10.00

Here is a collection of 10 high-quality texture photos captured in urban environments. Despite the name of the pack, they are suitable for use on a wide range of photo subjects, including landscapes and nature photos. Use these to add a unique spin on a photo and for creating your own artistic vision for a shot. You can read about them in detail here as well as see many screenshots and sample photos.

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Here are what the 10 textures look like:

Fine print:

  • Jim Nix/NomadicPursuits.com retains full ownership rights to these textures under any and all applicable copyright and intellectual property laws. By purchasing these packs you agree to this.
  • The purchase of these textures is for personal or commercial photographic purposes. By purchasing you agree that you will not resell, redistribute, bundle or otherwise profit from these textures in any way other than as a composite layer within your own photographic or graphic design work.
  • You do have the right to modify these textures while using them in your own creations.
  • Sharing of these files is strictly prohibited.