Snapseed app review

Snapseed app review - by Nik Software

If you don't already use Nik Software - and you should, because it is amazing! - then the technology behind this amazing app will be new to you.  If you already use any of the Nik products, this app will immediately feel familiar to you.  Nik uses a very cool thing called a "control point" which you can insert anywhere into a photo and which allows you to make changes just within that area - it's very cool.  Now, thanks to Snapseed you can do the same thing on your iPhone!!  Feel free to read more here:

The first thing to know is that this app costs about $5.00.  Now I know that seems like a lot - and in some ways, it is - but if you are serious about your iPhoneography it is well worth it.  Believe me, once you use it and get familiar with all the capabilities, it will very likely be the only app you use! That alone saves you a lot of money, right?

Here's the first screen you come to when you open the app.  First thing to do is to click the "Open" box at the top left, and it will allow you to select your image source:  Camera (wherein it will take you to your camera so you can snap a shot) or Photo Library (your existing images).  In this review, I am choosing an existing image I took of a little waterfall, so I tap on Photo Library, choose the shot, and it brings it into the app.

You see the small boxes at the bottom of the screen?  Automatic, Selective Focus, Tune Image...etc? (By the way, there are more which you can swipe across to including Crop, Black & White, Grunge, Drama, and Frames, to name a few.)

Ok, that's where we are going next.  I usually start by tapping on Tune Image.  Doing so will full screen the image, and you are ready to edit.

There are 5 main controls you can use on this edit screen: Brightness, Ambiance, Contrast, Saturation, and White Balance.  Here's the trick: you swipe up and down to switch between them, and then swipe left or right to decrease or increase the effect of that control.  Make sense?

Swipe up and down: change between controls

Swipe left: decrease the effect

Swipe right: increase the effect

Here's what it looks like:

The number in the box below Ambiance indicates how much of a decrease or increase you have applied to it. Note that the image will adjust immediately as you make the changes.

Onve you have made all the changes you want to make here - across all 5 areas like Ambiance, Contrast, etc - you simply tap on the arrow on the bottom right.  That will give you a quick "Processing" message as it applies your changes, and then it will deposit you and your updated photo back on the main edit screen.

If you do not like what you have, and want to start over, just click the left arrow and it takes you back to the main edit screen and drops all your changes. 

Here is the image so far, after I have made adjustments to Ambiance, Contrast, Saturation, and now working on White Balance:

Here is where I tap the right-facing arrow at the bottom, and it saves my changes and takes me back to the main edit screen (or home screen, if you prefer).

Now you have a choice: continue on and make additional adjustments, or save the photo to your library and/or share it.  If you decide you are done with the photo and want to either save it to your library or share it, just click the arrow in the upper right corner.  It will present you with this screen:

I always save to Photo Library.  If they had a Google+ button I would choose that!

Here's the final result: 

Ok, so that is a quick, practical review of this amazing app.  There is a WHOLE LOT MORE you can do with the app, though with this photo I chose not to enhance it any further.

But as an added little bonus, I thought it would be fun to share some additional screenshots, illustrating some of the extra features you can utilize on this app.  

Below is a screen shot of how you can use the Selective Adjust feature (utilizing the Control Points I mentioned earlier).  First, tap on Selective Adjust and it will go full screen on you, except for a small portion at the bottom.  Tap on the + sign on the bottom, and it will initiate a Control Point, then tap on the image where you want the Control Point to go.  In this case, I tapped on the bottom of this small waterfall.

You can see the blue circle - that is the size of the Control Point.  You can pinch and swipe to adjust the size.

Then the fun begins.  You can move your finger up and down to choose between Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation.  Then you swipe left to decrease the effect, or right to increase it.  Simple!

See screenshot below:

All other settings operate in a very similar manner.  Just swipe up and down to make choices, and left and right to alter the intensity of the effects.

Here's the Black & White settings page - lots of Styles to choose from!


Here's the Grunge setting - again, lots of choices!

Here's a view of the Vintage options page...

In summary, I would give this app my highest recommendation.  It is incredible.  Yes, it costs $5.00 but really instead of buying a lot of $0.99 apps, just get this one and you are done!

Thanks for checking this out, and feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments section!