Your guide to photographing the Best of Austin!

Have you dreamed of visiting Austin, Texas, or are you planning a trip here?  Maybe you want to walk around downtown, shop at all the funky shops on South Congress Avenue, get your fill at the many food trucks, or hang out by the lake and watch the sunset?  What about visiting the State Capitol building?  Enjoying a music festival (SXSW or ACL)?  Eating some great BBQ?  Do you want to explore the meaning of Keep Austin Weird?

And mostly, do you want to find the best places to photograph this town so you can capture all these memories forever (and maybe brag a little to your friends and family)?

Austin has something special for every photographer, whether you prefer cityscapes and skylines, street photography, landscapes or those fabulous Texas sunsets.  This ebook guide is designed to get you familiar with Austin and highlight all the best places to capture your own slice of Austin awesomeness.  Your camera will get quite a workout (and you'll do some walking too, so wear comfortable shoes)!  It's going to be fun!

In addition to the famous spots, I've included a bunch of my little favorites as well.  You can fill in the spaces between the big locations with a bunch of lesser-known locations, and end your time here with a huge smile of satisfaction and memory cards bursting with all that you captured.  It's over 60 locations in Austin that I think you will find photo-worthy!

This guide gives you everything you need to know to plan your adventure here in Austin.  Get started today!

And this isn't just for those that are "serious" about their photography (though it is that, too).  This is a guide for anyone who wants to return from their visit to Austin with great photographs of the city, taken from the best spots.  You might be here for work or fun, and have some free time to get out and explore.  Well use this as your digital guide to see the city through the eyes of a local guide and photographer.  Absorb the beauty of this town, and photograph it from the best vantage points, whether you shoot with a big DSLR or a small mobile phone.  All cameras are welcome!

This eBook is a labor of love for me.  I have driven all over this town for years, looking for the best places to take photos of this city that I adore.  I have climbed buildings and parking garages looking for good views.  I have clambered over fences and walls and walked countless miles along these city streets, in search of compelling photographs.  And I have both risen early to capture the glory of sunrise, and stayed up late to watch the sun set and the moon rise.

In short, trust me.  I have been doing this for years, and I love it.  Austin is a beautiful city, and I know it well.

I have organized this eBook by section of town, making it easy to get things done in one area without having to double back and waste time.  No one is on a perpetual vacation, and if you are like me, I suspect you want to capture as much as possible in your time here, right?  Right!

I have given you the address, phone number and handy links to each location's website (where available) so you can check on current happenings or hours of operation (if needed) and I have also provided a custom map for each part of town so you can find each location immediately as you travel in search of it.  In other words, I made it easy for ya!  All you have to do is show up with your camera and a fun attitude!

But there's more - a Bonus Section!

I have also included a section for my favorite spots that are outside of Austin, either close by or up to 1-2 hours away, just in case you have the interest and the time to go a little further afield.  There is a lot to see and do in Central Texas, and I've highlighted the "best of" in this part of the ebook.  This Bonus Section includes 16 additional locations that include waterfalls, State Parks, churches and even some little gems in the Texas Hill Country!

This eBook is a total of 113 pages and contains over 150 beautiful photographs showcasing all the awesomeness you can find in and around Austin and central Texas.  I know you will love it, and it will help you get the shot.

Here is how the sections of the eBook are divided:

  1. Downtown, South of the River - the skyline, bridges, a swimming hole and Stevie Ray Vaughan!
  2. Downtown, North of the River - The State Capitol, 6th Street, and even some cool graffiti!
  3. South Austin - Keep Austin Weird!
  4. The University Area - museums, architecture, and a couple of hidden gems!
  5. Burnet Road - lots of neon, interesting shops and the best camera store in the world!
  6. West Austin - 2 amazing places for that perfect sunset (among other things)!
  7. Bonus Section - highlights from around Central Texas, including the Texas Hill Country, San Antonio and more!

I also include some basic information about the town and how things work here, I have a recommended gear list, I've included a list of the tools I use to capture and post-process my photos, and I even provide some suggested hotels.  Lastly, I built a "Best Of" page in case you have limited time here and only have time to photograph "the best".  That way you can hit the highlights and go home happy (though probably thirsting for more!).

It's all here, folks, and I know you will really enjoy this, and it will help guide you to the best spots in town. 

Get the eBook today for just $7.95, download it immediately, and start planning your Austin adventure right away!

(This eBook is delivered electronically after purchase.  You will be directed to a download site.  The eBook is in PDF format, 80 MB in size, 113 pages, and over 150 images.)

Here are some sample pages that you can view - just click to enlarge.

Feedback is in!  Here is what people are saying about this eBook:

  • "When I first visited Austin I reached out to Jim, a good friend and Austinite, about places I should photograph while I was there. He's since released the most comprehensive photo guide to the city.  I guess he got tired of me calling him when I was in town."  - Justin Balog of The Photo Frontier
  • "I've shot with Jim in various cities in several countries, and can't wait to get to Austin to shoot some of the scenes in this guide...reading it is like having Jim right beside me. I often think he knows more about where to shoot in my home city of London than I do, so I believe him when he says these are the places to shoot in Austin (and at over 100 pages...that turns out to be quite a lot)." - Michael Murphy
  • "Jim and I share a love for cities, architecture and travel, and of course, photography.  Over the years, Jim has posted some great articles on places to shoot.  I used his handy guide for Amsterdam, for example.  Now, Jim has created a super detailed guide for places to photograph in Austin and the surrounding areas.  Though I’ve lived and photographed Austin for many years, he’s included places that I either forgotten about or never even considered.  Jim’s e-book is a must have for anyone shooting the sites in Austin.  With tons of example photographs and detailed maps, just pick a location, grab your camera and have fun.  Highly recommended." - Andy Atmtx of
  • "Having traveled the world over, capturing its beauty through his lens, Jim Nix knows how to do justice to his hometown in The Photographer's Guide to Austin. This is a true tutorial, full of actionable information only an experienced local can offer."  - Eric and Brittany Highland, founders
  • “Jim Nix has compiled the most exhaustive catalog of Austin places-of-interest to photograph that I have ever seen.  But this eBook is much more than a mere list.  It’s a visual tour of Austin beautifully illustrated in Jim’s bold and colorful signature style.  I’ve been a photographer in this town for over 30 years and I’ll be referring to his eBook when considering where I want shoot next.”  - Alex Suarez
  • "What a great resource! I've been living and shooting in Austin for over 20 years and Jim's book introduced me to several new locations!" - Dave Wilson


As you can see, many readers are getting a LOT of useful information from this ebook and I am confident that you will too!  

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I know you will enjoy shooting in Austin - it's a beautiful town!