Nikon 28-300 zoom lens review

Nikon 28-300mm f3.5/5.6 G ED VR II AF-S Zoom Lens review

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Nikon 28-300 zoom lens at Amazon


DISCLOSURE: I am not a super technical person – or a super technical photographer – so if you are looking for insight into the lens construction, how many elements there are, etc…then this is not the review for you.  I can only offer some insights into how I use this lens, and how it has worked for me.  All I really care about with a lens is whether it does what it is supposed to do, and is it quick and of high quality construction.  Those are my needs.  This lens satisfies those requirements – and more.


I really like this lens - it’s a solid, all-purpose lens and it’s great for travel.  To be honest, my biggest lens love is with the 14-24 wide angle but I have taken several trips with just the 28-300 and always come home happy.  It’s a great lens, and you can’t beat having that much range in a single piece of glass.  It’s very convenient.

If I had to take just one lens on a trip, this would be the one.  Yes, I totally love my 14-24mm and shooting wide angle (and do that a lot) but if you need a single lens that covers most, but not all, shooting conditions, this one fits that bill.


It has performed well for me at all stops along the way, from 28-300.  When I upgraded my camera body to full frame a while back, I knew that in addition to the wide angle goodness from the 14-24, I would need to be able to extend my range, because it’s not practical to just be a wide angle guy all the time.  It’s fun, but not practical.  :-)

So I started looking at various lenses that would help me in this category.  There are several, most notably the 24-70 and the 70-200.  But here is why I bought this lens:

  • 1 lens instead of 2 (or more)
  • saves space/weight in my bag
  • perfect for most travel conditions
  • can be a single travel lens in a pinch
  • incredible zoom range
  • reasonable price for what you get (about $1000 or so)

Regarding the physical components of the lens, here are a few things to know:

  • while it does not seem as heavy as the 14-24, it’s not a light lens per se but definitely thinner than the wide angle 14-24 (which makes sense)
  • there is a lock on the lens - I recommend you lock it in place if you are carrying it upside down, as it will start to extend on you
  • switches on the side include Manual/Auto as well as Vibration Reduction
  • when shooting in HDR, you will want to use Manual and turn VR off
  • there are both a focus ring and a zoom ring
  • the zoom ring is large and easy to grip
  • the focus ring is smaller and I have to pay a little more attention to that one, but it’s not an issue

I definitely give this lens a “thumbs-up” rating and I am glad that I have it.  It’s versatile, and that is a big deal.  Since I travel quite a bit, it just makes sense to use this instead of 2 or more other lenses to cover that range.  I don’t need that extra weight or complexity of lens changes in the field.  I just want to shoot stuff!


Here are some more pictures that I have taken with this lens.  Definitely a good buy!


That's it - thanks for looking and hope this helps!