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Get Aurora HDR here, and get Luminar here - or just click on either of the banners below.

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If you want to try before you buy, you can download a free trial of any of the apps too, also at those same links.

I use all of these products on my images and give them my highest recommendation.  They are so good that I no longer use other software suites to create my photos (except Lightroom, which I use to manage my library).  If you want to read about why I switched away from other suites and how I ended up with Macphun, that article is here.  If you want specific details on why I quit using Photomatix to create my HDR photos after 7 years - and adopted Aurora HDR instead - click here.

I have been through all of the products from Macphun extensively and am very comfortable with each of them, and well aware of their capabilities.  These are FABULOUS products that will give you incredible amounts of control over your images while inspiring new and creative ideas.  On top of that, they share a familiar interface and are easy to use, so you will be creating your own masterpieces in no time!   

The web's most comprehensive Aurora HDR tutorial - processing your images from start to finish plus a bunch of extras!

Below is a link to my Aurora HDR tutorial - all 12 pages of it!  I have created the most comprehensive Aurora HDR tutorial on the web.  It includes countless tips to get the most out of your images and for using Aurora HDR to create your own masterpieces.  I am sure it will be helpful in your own artistic journey.  Here are the major sections contained in the tutorial:

  1. Introduction
  2. Defining HDR and how it works
  3. When to use HDR, what equipment is needed, and some tips to get you started
  4. Tips to get the most out of your HDR shooting
  5. Creating your base HDR in Aurora, plus using brushes, presets, and more!
  6. Introduction to layers and masking
  7. Creative editing: using textures
  8. Creative editing: black and white HDR
  9. Using luminosity masks
  10. Color shifting your HDR photos
  11. Noise reduction
  12. Wrap-up and parting thoughts
Click here to get started!

Check out all the products made by Macphun!

Here are links to the individual product pages, in case you would like to see more details on each individual product.  Just click the name of the product below, and you will be directed to the site for that product.  You can find all sorts of details, from system requirements to feature lists, tool descriptions, photo examples and more.  

  1. Luminar - Macphun's first all-in-one photo editor - it's amazing!
  2. Aurora HDR 2017 - create stunning HDR photos and do just about anything else you need to do!
  3. Tonality - quickly and easily convert your photos to stunning black and white masterpieces!
  4. Intensify - easily enhance Structure, Sharpness, Detail, Contrast and more.
  5. Snapheal - easily remove unwanted objects from your photos.
  6. Focus - pro lens effects, blur, motion, tilt shift and more.
  7. Noiseless - powerful noise reduction.
  8. FX Photo Studio - a large collection of filters and effects.

Product through to read up on these products and see how I use them to craft my images.

I've been shooting and processing in HDR for many years now, and after quite a bit of work with Aurora HDR and the Macphun team, they have chosen me as an Aurora HDR Master on their website, which is a huge honor.  I am among photographers whose work I admire.  You can see their Masters gallery here:

The newest creation by Macphun is Luminar - click below to see my review of it!

Check out my articles and content that I have written for the Aurora HDR blog!  There's some good stuff there!

For starters, if you are interested in HDR photography but aren't sure where to start, click the link below (or the image on the right) to sign up for their HDR 10 week course.  It's a series of free lessons that will take you from novice to pro in no time!  I had the good fortune to write this content for them, and I am sure you will love it!  Did I mention that it's free?!  You can't beat that deal!

I have written several articles for the Macphun blog which I think you will enjoy.  Take a look and let me know your thoughts!  I will keep writing this column, so new stuff is always coming!

  1. Grungy HDR - This article shows you how I grunge up some scenes for dramatic effect
  2. Blue hour cityscapes - I walk you through my editing process to create a stunning blue hour cityscape.
  3. Capturing dreamy HDR landscapes - I walk you through a workflow for creating a dreamy feel in your landscapes.
  4. Exploring urban HDR photography - I take you through my thought process (and software process) for creating stunning HDR photos in an urban environment.
  5. Capturing Spring's spirit - I take you through my processing of a spring sunrise, accentuating fine details and making the photo really pop!

I will keep adding more on the Aurora HDR blog/Macphun blog, so check back often!

Check out my YouTube!

You can find me on YouTube here:

On YouTube I share tutorial and product reviews and show tips and tricks that I use to create my photos.  Here are a few of my favorite Macphun tips and tricks videos - hope you enjoy and let me know if you have any questions!

Here's a quick preview of the brand-new Luminar app from Macphun. Edit photos with ease, create your own masterpieces in minutes, and do it all in one app! Read more on the blog here:
Follow along as I show you some cool stuff in Aurora 2017, including a bunch of Presets, Luminosity Masking, Editing Tools and even adding a custom texture. It's good fun. Get your pre-order with bonuses here:
Today I demonstrate and explain what a luminosity mask is, and how to use one in Aurora HDR. It's a very simple yet powerful feature of Aurora and one that can help you create very natural-looking HDR photos. Enjoy!

Macphun webinars - also saved for posterity on YouTube!

Yes, I hosted a few webinars for Macphun, and demonstrated how I use Aurora HDR to create images, plus I throw in a bunch of tips and tricks - it's fun (er, phun)!   Here are three of them that were recorded.

Join host Kevin La Rue and professional photographer & educator Jim Nix as Jim gives everyone an excellent introduction to new Aurora HDR 2017. You'll enjoy a quick interface "fly-by" followed by a complete editing workflow on two images. A large number of tools and controls will be presented and the presentation includes Q&A.
Join Pro photographer and HDR expert Jim Nix as he shares some of his top techniques for creating epic HDR images. This recording of a live training webinar will feature Aurora HDR and delve into such features as layers, masks, brushes, textures and more to achieve incredible results.
Join Pro photographer and HDR expert Jim Nix as he shares some of his most creative techniques for stylizing photos. This session will feature Aurora HDR and delve into such features as layers, masks, brushes, textures and more to achieve incredible results For more info about Jim and see more of his work, visit