It's all about the iPhone here...

I am a big fan of shooting with my iPhone.  In addition to aways being with me, it's a pretty good picture-taker.  No, it's not a replacement for my "real camera" (how could a small device with a tiny sensor replace a full-frame mirrorless camera anyways?), but it works great and you can't beat the convenience.  I shoot with it all the time.

I have had a few iPhones over the years, and they just get better and better.  And while I am not here to start a discussion about iPhone vs Android (I hear good things about that platform too), I can only assume that Android phones are at least as good as iPhone in their ability to take a good photo.  In other words, when I write "iPhone" here I really just mean mobile device.    

And since it is always with you, it leaves you with no excuse for not taking a photo when you are out.  I encourage you to take a LOT of them - I can honestly say  it has helped me become a better photographer.  Seriously.

When I travel, I tend to return from a trip with both a load of photos from my Sony gear as well as hundreds of iPhone images.  Like my Sony photos, they aren't all winners, so many end up staying on the phone in seclusion.  But I do let quite a few out into the wild, after I edit them of course.  That's half the fun of it - you can take a photo, edit it, and share it online in literally 60 seconds.  It's great!

For years I have been sharing them in this album on Flickr, which just continues to grow and grow.  I share some on my Instagram as well, which you can find here.  Due to the nature of my travels, there are some trips which just don't leave any free time for photography, or at least very little.  In those cases, I leave the Sony stuff at home and, assuming I can squeeze in at least 30 minutes while I am at my destination, I will head out with my iPhone for a little creative time.  It's always rewarding, regardless of what you end up capturing.  

Here's a snapshot of my Instagram feed.  I tend to mix it up a bit there, not always posting in order from a trip.  In fact, I haven't posted nearly enough there.  I intend to spend more time on Instagram going forward, since I enjoy the site and the fact that it is solely about photography is obviously attractive to me.  I started out only sharing iPhone images there, but have now started sharing all my work.

One of the things I love most about iPhoneography is that you don't need huge blocks of times to dedicate to capturing and editing some shots.  You literally just point and shoot, so to speak, and edit on the fly.  It's quick and easy, and let's me get in some creative time even when I don't think I have any.  Even 5 minutes can feel like a relief from work.

I have shared a number of iPhone posts from the road over the years - you can find them all here.  One of my favorites is this post, where I shared a travel update from a multi-week collection of trips.  It was an epic time, for sure!

Here's a gallery of iPhone shots which I keep here on the blog:   It's not comprehensive in any way, just some shots I like and thought you might enjoy too.  You can also find a gallery of my iPhone favorites on my portfolio site as well as some Instagram favorites.  Considering how many photos I take with the iPhone, all of those galleries are in need of constant updates!  :-)

One of the more popular pages here on the blog is this one, where I list what I consider to be the best iPhone apps for photography (focused on editing images):   I will admit that these days I spend most of my editing time in Snapseed (see below).  It's just a superior app to everything else, in my experience.  You can do so much with it.

If you are new to shooting with an iPhone, then this article is for you:  It's a little dated (admittedly) but still a good place to start if this is new to you!

My favorite and most often used app for editing my iPhone images is Snapseed - it continues to be the best app, in my opinion, and is just about all I use these days:  It gives you excellent control over just about everything I care about.  I often take a single exposure and if I want an "HDR look" then I just apply Snapseed's "HDR Scape" filter and adjust the intensity of it to my taste.

My second favorite app for editing is probably Camera+: and I still love this app, though I don't use it quite as much as I did in years' past.  Still, it's very capable and fun to use, not to mention very easy to learn.

Lastly, I use FX PhotoStudio for doing interesting and artsy things: - one of which is creating "reflection" type effects on the photos.  It's fun.

I added a lens attachment kit to my collection.  It's a great kit made by MPJ and includes a zoom lens, a fisheye (my favorite!), a wide angle and a macro lens.  They all attach to the iPhone and give you some incredible creative possibilities while out shooting - plus they are just fun!  You can read all about that here:  and see sample photos, too.  Enjoy! 

Well that's about it folks.  Thanks for stopping by, feel free to check out the links I have shared above, and most of all have fun out there shooting with your iPhone!