FX Photo Studio app review

FX Photo Studio app review

I have to be honest - I am not much of a textures guy.  I just never was interested in using textures on my photos.  But recently I began really digging into the FX Photo Studio app, and it has changed my opinion on that matter!  The app is easy, fun, and there are some really interesting textures that you can use to spice up an otherwise boring iPhone shot.

And to be clear, that's what the app is - a collection of filters or textures that you blend into your shot.  There are quite a few of them, too - I believe it is more than 190 in total.  Lots to do with this app!!

The app goes for $0.99 in the app store and is well worth it!  You can also read more on their website at: http://fxphotostudioapp.com/ 

I tend to review products in the same way that I use them.  So in this review I will walk you through a couple of examples, so that you can see how the app works and get a feel for it.  It's fun!

Here is the start screen you get when you open the app - and yes that is me in the center there.  The app uses your forward-facing camera on this page, so you see yourself when you launch it.  Oh, and no I am not as old and grumpy as that photo makes me look!

First I choose a photo from my Camera Roll by hitting that icon in the bottom of the screen above.  In this review I will process a photo I took in Scotland.  It was a distant landscape shot across a lake in fog - in other words, it was totally boring!  Not for long though!!

One filter I really like is Rusted Metal 2 (there is also a Rusted Metal 1 but I like 2 better). 

Once you have the filter selected, you can see that you can make some adjustments to the intensity of the effect by using the slider at the bottom of the screen - really easy.  Once you get it where you like it, just hit Apply.

While the photo is processing, they give you some amazing facts to entertain you - it's pretty fun.

Here's the final look with the Rusted Metal 2 filter applied:

Isn't that much better?

Here's another example, this time using the Burnt Paper filter:

And here is the final version of that one:

As I mentioned, there are a lot of different filters you can choose from.  Here is the Categories page:

You can also tap All Effects for a complete list of filters, with a visual, for you to scroll through.  Or, once you have used it a bit and have some Favorites, just click the star on that filter and it will add it to your Favorites folder.  That makes it much easier since you won't have to scroll through 190+ filters!

 And as you can see, you can also create some Presets which can save you some time!

Ok, once you have finished your adjustments (and you hit Apply for that filter), it will take you back to a screen like this one (I am back on the Burnt Paper example now):

Assuming you are done, you tap that little arrow in the upper right corner and it takes you to the Save/Share page:

I think that page is pretty self-explanatory!

Ok, that's it!  Like I said before, my reviews are just based on how I actually use the app.  There is more you can do with this app, but that is a standard workflow for me.

Bottom line: the app is fun, highly functional, and worth every cent!  Have fun shooting!