Quotes and Inspiration!

I've been a fan of inspirational quotes for longer than I can remember.  They've always had the intended effect upon me.  At some point in my life, I started keeping track of the ones that I REALLY loved, scribbling them down in a journal here and there.  There are millions that I like, but only select ones make the "I love it!" list.  

When I started this blog years ago, I knew I wanted to keep a record of these things on it in some way.  After all, you can only write things down in a journal or two and keep track of them for so long.  I figured that if I put them on the blog, they would always be there in the cloud, and hey, maybe it would help inspire someone else, right?  Plus, it's great to have the things I love all in one place, which is sort of what this blog has become for me.

So I started with a page dedicated to what I considered great quotes about travel, and it sort of grew from there to include a few poems I absolutely adore, and even a speech from Steve Jobs.  These things were put here as reminders to myself, and to free me from trying to keep track of things spread across multiple journals and multiple decades of collection.  As I come across more stuff, I will add it to the proper page, or create a new page for it if warranted.

But in the meantime, feel free to cruise around these different pages and read this stuff.  It's not mine - all work is attributed to the original author (or who I believe is the author) - but it's a collection of great things that may inspire you to do something, create something, or go somewhere.  I hope it helps!  Enjoy!

And yes, I named this page Carpe Diem partly in honor of Robin Williams' character John Keating in the movie Dead Poets Society.  That is one of my favorite movies and what I consider a very inspirational film.  It is a Latin phrase that roughly translates as "seize the day", though you probably already know that. In the film, his character is an English teacher and he implores his students to do great things by saying "Carpe Diem.  Seize the day, boys.  Make your lives extraordinary.".  Such a great character, and such a great film.  I miss Robin Williams.  He was incredible.

Anyways, here are the different pages you can find on the blog that I categorize under Carpe Diem:

Awesome travel quotes - a collection of quotes dealing with travel primarily, all of which have a tendency to make me want to pack my bags and go somewhere!

Inspirational quotes -  a collection of quotes that I find inspirational, and I hope you do too!

Great Photography Quotes - this is a site about photography, isn't it?  Well, mostly.  So yeah, I had to include these!

Great Quotes about Art - photography is an art form, and I love art anyways, so this seemed fitting!

A Fantastic Speech - a commencement address that Steve Jobs delivered back in 2005 - just WOW!

The Road Not Taken - such a powerful poem by Robert Frost

Invictus - in this poem by William Ernest Henley doesn't move you, you are unmovable my friend!

Desiderata - I've always enjoyed this poem and it's calm and peaceful approach to life.

A Psalm of Life - Longfellow's awesome creation!