Christmas tractor

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a tractor all lit up!  Found this on a back road outside Beaver Creek, CO. Enjoy!

Cold picnic

There was so much snow up in Beaver Creek, it was awesome!  I really enjoy the snow, but being a Texan I don't have to live in it so perhaps my perspective is a little distorted!  Just a quick snap I wanted to share.

Moon over mountain

Continuing my theme from yesterday, here is another image from atop the mountain in Beaver Creek, CO. After riding the gondola up there, I wandered around, just enjoying the snow, and the views of course.  I came across this grove of trees, saw the moon up there, and had to capture it.

Snowboards vs. Skis

This is a quick snap I took on the mountain at Beaver Creek.  There were folks engaged in all sorts of winter activities, mainly snowboarding and skiing though.  I took quite a few shots of this style - sort of what I would describe as the alpine version of street photography.  It was fun, and a definite change from my normal sort of HDR and landscape shots, but a good time nonetheless!

A Beaver Creek landscape

I had the good fortune of spending most of last week up in Beaver Creek, CO.  It is a beautiful resort tucked high up in the Rockies.  The views are fabulous, the snow was falling, and it felt like I was in a European alpine village.  It was awesome.  During the weekend I had some free time to explore with the camera, so of course I did.  I got this shot while up on the ski slopes there in Beaver Creek.  I took the gondola ride partway up the mountain and then spent a while shooting this and that.  It was a blast.  Coming from Texas, I rarely see snow so I enjoyed that quite a bit!