88 petals?

I found this in the archives, having taken it a while ago and forgotten about it.  Just playing around with various camera settings and the like.  A simple picture, really.  Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Yella fella

This beauty was on the campus of The University of Texas at Austin.  I was on a photowalk with my friend Pete Talke of Places2Explore and as we walked by, I couldn't help but notice this garden.  There were these little yellow fellows everywhere.  I tend to like taking pictures of flowers, though I don't profess a real skill at it.  I hope to improve on my macro work this year, it is one thing I intend to focus on (no pun intended).  Anyways, just wanted to share.  It is not a sweeping vista, doesn't possess a lot of dramatic flair, or any of that stuff - it's just a flower, but I like it.  Hope you do too!

This is a single exposure taken at f/8 while lying on the concrete and trying to get close!  I made my typical adjustments in PSE (Curves, Contrast, Unsharp Mask) and that is about it.  I really liked the drops of water on the flower.

Waiting on a bee

Doesn't this flower just look like it is waiting on a bee to arrive?  It is so bright and seems so alive that the bees would just be lining up to land here.  

Just a yellow flower

I am terrible with botany, specifically identifying particular types of flowers.  I can of course recognize the easy ones, like roses.  But this one I am not sure about - maybe some type of daffodil?  If you happen to know, let me know.  I enjoy taking pictures of flowers but not so much researching and learning their names and characteristics...some sort of internal mental dichotomy between doing something and reading about it.

Well, hope you enjoy the shot.