Editing Wildlife Photos in Luminar

Editing Wildlife Photos in Luminar

My latest video has me editing someone else's photos, from Africa. It's quite fun to edit wildlife photos, and I found some ways to put my own unique stamp on it. Enjoy!

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King of the hill

These are some of my new friends.  I met them at a beach in La Jolla, CA.  Aren’t they awesome?  All kidding aside, I watched these creatures frolic to and fro and never noticed the time passing.  One even came in real close and was rubbing his head on a rock, barely 10 feet from me!  It was awesome and I got a lot of shots that day!  If you are ever in SoCal, I recommend a visit to La Jolla - you will not be disappointed!

Rhino at rest

While walking around the San Antonio Zoo, we came across the rhino enclosure.  I think rhinos are interesting - they seem somewhat prehistoric to me.  Anyways, this guy was just standing there when we first arrived, and I tried to get some shots but nothing was too exciting.  Anyways, he meandered about for a short while and then plopped down for a nap.  I was able to walk to the other side of his enclosure to get this shot.  Zoom in a little and presto!  Doesn't it seem like zoo animals are always napping?  I guess they get bored just like we would if we were cooped up forever.  One day I would love to visit Africa and get some shots of real wildlife, doing whatever they do in the wild - probably napping!

Dinner in Yellowstone

We spent the entire day in Yellowstone National Park, which is not nearly enough time honestly, as there are many sites and it is a sprawling place.  Nonetheless, it was fabulous.  At one point we arrived in the Lamar Valley, which is billed as the Serengeti of the North, and totally lives up to it billing.  Wildlife seems to be everywhere.  We encountered this coyote just by the side of the road, happily crunching on this hapless varmint and completely ignoring us.  I guess when tourists are gawking at you daily you become a bit numb to it and realize they are not a threat.  Anyways, he enjoyed his meal, we enjoyed watching, so I guess everyone was happy.

Single image at f/11 and some minor adjustments in PSE and Aperture.


Sleepy bear

Recently we went to the San Antonio Zoo down in San Antonio, TX.  It's really a nice zoo and a good way to spend the day.  This grizzly bear was one of the first animals that we saw.  When we first arrived, he was in his pool taking a dip, and was pretty hard to see.  I could just barely catch the top of his head bobbing around, which just wasn't going to work as far as photography goes.  We kept walking and due to some good luck had to double back by his enclosure.  When we did, he was lumbering about, slowly making his way around the area and he finally settled down right in front for a nap.  I was pretty jazzed and had the camera working full speed.  

This is a single exposure, taken at f/6.3 and 0 ev.  I did some adjustments in PSE around Contrast and a little color fix in Aperture and that's it!

Coyote in the wild

Driving through Yellowstone, especially the Lamar Valley, it is darn near impossible NOT to see wildlife.  There are animals everywhere.  I imagine it is like being on the Serengeti or someplace in Africa, except with snow.  In this case, we were driving along and this coyote literally ran across the road in front of us.  Of course, we all immediately dove for our cameras, so I am not sure who had the wheel at that point, but the chances of hitting another car are slim to none when you haven't seen one in hours.  This guy ran up the snow embankment after crossing the road, and I figured my chance to capture him was gone, but he came through some brush and into a little clearing, and...paused.  It was great.  It was like he wanted to get his picture taken, except that he didn't look at us.  I guess he smelled dinner on the wind, and who doesn't want a warm meal when it's so cold outside?

Wisdom and vision

The Great Horned Owl is a beautiful creature.  I saw this regal fellow at a recent nature event in nearby Bastrop, TX.  The trainer was holding him - you can see the edge of his glove.  I am not skilled at wildlife photography, but I just wanted to share this image since I find this creature so fascinating.