Wharf tilt

Here's a bit of an experimental shot, at least for me.  I was walking around the Embarcadero in San Francisco, and was out on the wharf (or is it a pier?) that juts out next to the Ferry Building, when I happened to turn around and see the fog covering the top of the TransAmerica Building in the distance.  Instead of doing the typical shot here, I opted to tilt myself a little, lined it up with the light post, and then decided to focus in on the finial in the foreground.  Probably put too much thought into it, but experimenting is half the fun, right?

Junk at the wharf

After my meetings one day while in San Francisco, I walked around the Embarcadero, just trying some different things with the camera.  I found a little alley that was tucked away, and which headed towards the water, so I took it.  After a few turns I found myself looking upon this wharf, full of discarded boat junk, I guess.  Not being a boater, I am not much for identifying all these things, but I think the things piled up on the right are some kind of crab trap maybe?  Anyways, I liked the look of it - sort of the marine version of urban decay.

Empty wharf

This is an abandoned and empty wharf I found along the Embarcadero in San Francisco last week. The work day was over and I had a little spare time on my hands.  It was still fairly bright out, so instead of doing the tripod/HDR thing, I opted for a little "traditional" photo walk - just me and my trusty Nikon.  I really need to do this sort of thing more often.  It is amazing the things you find when you are not lugging extra gear around and trying to find "the shot" (whatever that is).  I just cruised up and down the Embarcadero, which is the waterfront roadway there, and deliberately walked slow and took curious looks at everything.  In this case, I found an alley and meandered down it, and came to this sight.  There are so many famous places to photograph in San Francisco, and yes I want to capture them all too, but I derive a lot of enjoyment out of finding these little lost and forgotten corners.  They are interesting to me in their own way.

Twilight at Fisherman's Wharf

I always enjoy seeing photos of boats, though I am not a "boat guy".  I don't own a boat, and really have no desire to.  But, I appreciate their beauty and find them interesting.  Rarely though have I taken photos of a boat or boats, and when I have the shots have been disappointments.  So, I found myself at Fisherman's Wharf along the Embarcadero in San Francisco, and it was nearly sunset.  I had spent the better part of the day behind the camera, which is always great fun (especially in San Fran) but I was tired and in need of food.  I found some place serving fish and chips - image that! - and hunkered down for some refueling.  After a bit though I started to notice the subtle changes in the sky and the color and light, and got itchy feet and headed back out to shoot some more.  I walked around Fisherman's Wharf for a while, but it is crowded with tourists and I was looking for something a little quieter.  I meandered around the backside of the wharf and found this marina, which happens to overlook Alcatraz.  It was peaceful and quiet, the sun was setting over distant hills, the light was just right, and it was just me and the camera.