Spending some quality time in a prison

Spending some quality time in a prison

Ah, the good life at Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia!  Haha, ok, I suspect life in this prison was not so good  - I mean, take a look at these 23 photos and form your own conclusions.  This old prison is now a museum and such a great place for photography.  I fired like crazy here, and walked away with a lot of pics.  It was great!  Come have a look!

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Off the beaten path in London

I have posted some shots from this spot in London before (which I took last year while there for a few days).  It is the Leake Street graffiti tunnel, and I still have a lot to share.  Stuff like this just makes for a more interesting visit, in my opinion.  I hope you enjoy seeing these types of shots!

One reason I am posting a London shot is that I am posting this from London.  I have been in the UK all week (though not here), and flew into London last night, and now off to the airport to catch a flight home.  Sadly, no time in London to shoot with my friends here, as it was just a quick stopover on the way home.  I did though have some time to shoot in Dublin, Ireland and outside of Glasgow, Scotland this week, and have lots of new stuff to share with you all!  I haven't been online much this week, so I just want to thank those of you who did pop by and leave comments, etc - I really appreciate it very much!

The grimy side of London

Grime is good!  (and so is graffiti)

There is just so much to see and shoot in London - one can never get it all done!  But keep trying because it sure is fun!  For example, here is a secret little spot that you might not find if it weren't for a little help.  I got my help from two friends who live in London - Mike Murphy and John Esslinger.  In addition to being great photographers, they are genuinely nice guys and excellent tour guides for photo spots and pubs :).  We were doing the photowalk thing and had finished up shooting Big Ben at sunset (which was awesome, BTW), when they asked me if I was interested in a little graffiti.  Um...heck ya!  This is only about a 5 minute walk from the London Eye but is sorta tucked away.  Without their help I would not have known about it.  This entire tunnel is graffiti'd from one end to the other - a HDR heaven in London!

I also compiled a list of what I consider the Top Photo Spots in London, which you can read here.  Also check out Mike's and John's shots as they have plenty from this wonderful city by the Thames!

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Cell block decay

This is another of my shots from Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, PA.  It is an incredible place to visit, especially if you are into HDR photography!  All my friends that have been there agree - it's HDR Heaven!  Anyways, this was one of the many cells that I photographed - all of them were in various states of decay, which is always interesting, and they were in incredible disarray as well.  In other words, a great place to shoot!  Plenty more decay to share from this place!

How do you say "No Entry" in French?

Do you only shoot the "big things" when on a trip, or do you look for hidden gems that only getting lost can deliver?

I love doors and entryways, and I am always looking around for interesting ones to photograph. I found this one while wandering in the old town area of Montreal, Canada.  Wandering is good, and in my opinion has a lot of benefits.  If I had chosen only to visit the major sites in Old Montreal, there is no way I would ever have found things like this.  Getting off the beaten path, even slightly, can really change things up in a good way!  You pretty much have to see the big things, but when you are done, toss out the checklist and wander!

Need a shave?

This is another HDR from that most wonderful HDR Heaven - Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, PA.  I have probably 30 or more shots still to go, and they all look cool and/or interesting in some way or another, but this one really stood out in my library as one of my favorites from ESP.  I imagine prisoners going in for a haircut or shave, and not knowing if the "barber" (surely another prisoner) might use the old straight razor in an unforgiving fashion!  Thanks for stopping by today!

Glasgow grunge

find life experiences and swallow them whole. travel. meet many people. go down some dead ends and explore dark alleys. try everything. exhaust yourself in the glorious pursuit of life.  - lawrence k. fish

The above quote is one of my favorites.  I just love it.  I took that advice when I was walking around in Glasgow, Scotland one rainy afternoon.  I passed by an alley that looked sort of interesting, and immediately doubled-back to explore it a little more closely.  It turned and twisted a couple of times, and didn't really smell great, but at the end of it I found this little scene.  It's well worth it in my book.  Explore dark alleys - words to live by!

Danger Keep Off

Don’t you love it when you find stuff like this by accident? 

We were celebrating a family members’ birthday yesterday, and were out in Marble Falls, TX, which is a small town up in the hill country, about an hour outside of Austin.  We went out to eat lunch, and of course I brought my camera along on this little outing.  The restaurant was perched high above this river and had an outdoor deck that offered an expansive view of the area, which I just had to investigate.  When I got out there, I saw this decayed structure and just had to get a photo of it.  To answer the obvious questions: 1) No, I did not try and get into/onto this thing, and...2) Yes, it was killing me not to.  Maybe next time.  Besides, the “Danger Keep Off” applies to other people, right?


One of many shots I took of this dying old building in downtown Austin.  I do enjoy shooting these gritty, urbex sort of shots.  Some folks out there get a chance to do this a lot, and I can see how this type of photography can get a grip on you.  It's pretty fun, and the details and textures you can find are pretty impressive.

OKC Decay

I was driving in downtown Oklahoma City, OK and looking for a place to park so I could visit the Memorial, when I saw this abandoned old building.  I quickly swerved into a spot and got out the Nikon.  I like gritty, urban scenes and this place was interesting.  I could not get in but definitely got some shots of the exterior and some through those broken windows.  I only had a few minutes though because it was nearly sunset and I wanted to get to the Memorial, so I fired off some shots and got back to my real mission that day!