Terminally addicted

Terminally addicted

You have heard me say how much I love train stations, especially those in Europe.  Now, here's a full examination of why, and some tips for getting the shot too!  This is a lengthy read, but I hope you enjoy it!

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Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap

A little nod to that great British phrase you hear in London's train stations...

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Midnight on the ghost train

I went to Sweden!  Ok, it was brief - but I went!

This is the main terminal, or Central Station, in Malmo Sweden.  Yes, I went to Sweden.  I just like to say that.  Ok, so it wasn't a visit to Stockholm, but hey I was actually in Sweden so that counts, right?

Anyways, I took a day trip over from Copenhagen and just had to visit Malmo since it is only ~30 minutes away.  It was one of those "why not?" decisions.  I'm glad I did. 

Topaz Adjust saves the day...

As you can tell, this photo is a bit different than most of my shots.  I usually go for a bit more realistic look, but in this case I threw that idea out the window.  I was messing around with it in Topaz Adjust because after processing this 7 frame HDR, it just looked boring.  In fact, it was boring.  So I decided to run it through Topaz Adjust and hope for something interesting. 

While in Topaz I happened to pass my mouse over the "Color Negative" setting, and the preview just caught my eye!  That was it - I was done and very happy to have something interesting and unique out of an otherwise "blah" photo.  Thanks Topaz!!  You saved this one for me!

Oh, and I just named this photo based on the first thing that popped into my head when I saw it.  It was actually shot around 12 noon.  It was the Color Negative setting that made all the difference!

What would you call it?

Technicals: 7 frame HDR, f/13, 14-24mm wide angle lens (at 16mm)

Software: Photomatix, Color Efex Pro, Aperture, Topaz Adjust

Strolling in LoDo

LoDo is an abbreviation for Lower Downtown and is a historic district in Denver, CO.  It is a great place to wander with a camera, and for me the main attraction is their wonderful Union Station with that awesome Beaux-Arts facade (yep, I had to look that one up!).  I love both architecture and train stations anyways, and this one is so cool looking that you just have to photograph it.  Sadly, the inside just doesn't measure up to the outside, but hey who's complaining?  The exterior is without peer.  Here's a closeup shot of the exterior that I have previously shared here on the blog...thought it might be worth trotting out again for another viewing.

If you are ever in the area be sure and stop by - lots of great things to photograph in this part of Denver!

In the basement of the terminal

Trains and HDR are a match made in heaven.  That's all I have to say about that.  I shot this one after wandering into a "no tourist zone" at Union Station in Kansas City.  There was a gate to keep people out, but it was ajar.  That's sort of like an invitation to enter, isn't it?

Departing from Platform 1

I love traveling on trains in Europe.  There is something about it that I just really like, though I can’t quite put my finger on it - well, apart from the fact that I love to travel!  I have also discovered that I love shooting trains and especially train stations - they are photographically rich environments. This is inside Central Station in Glasgow, Scotland.  I arrived on Saturday mid-day, so on Sunday morning I made sure to get over there quickly, hoping to catch it fairly empty - and I did.  I wandered in this station for quite a while, getting a bunch of shots, though I actually never took a train from there. 

Linking back to yesterday’s post with another Harry Potter reference for a second - while I was there, seeing Platform 1 and Platform 2, etc...I kept thinking about Harry and his friends departing from Platform 9 and 3/4 (although they were doing that from London).  I never did find a magic portal in any station, dang it.  I guess I better go back.  Which reminds me, please tune in tomorrow for my first shot from my recent London adventure!

Under Madrid

Madrid has a nice and clean subway system, and I enjoyed riding around on it.  I enjoy underground trains, at least partly because we do not have them here in Texas.  It's a novelty to me I guess.  Anyways, this is a quick snap I took on one of my stops.  I thought it was a nice looking place, and since it was early on a Sunday morning, I had it all to myself.

Happy Memorial Day to any Americans reading this, and thanks to our Armed Forces for your service.  Hope everyone has a great Monday and a wonderful start to the week!

West End tracks

Sort of a gritty shot from the West End area of Dallas.  It had rained, and I came across these tracks, so I tried to pull out the details in the road and of course the reflection.  It was nearly dark but the sky was still a rich blue color so I guess you could say it was still blue hour.  When I look at this shot, it makes me think of street photography, which I always enjoy viewing.  That is something I want to explore a bit more.  I like street photography because the photographer has produced art from an everyday scene - which is cool.  Anyways, I am rambling so thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

Hop on the bokeh train

Just a little bokeh fun for a Monday morning!  I shot this at Union Station in Kansas City.  In this case I was just experimenting with bokeh and having fun.  Hope your week is off to a great start!

Denver's Union Station

I have discovered through my travel and photography that train stations are cool.  Ok, so you probably knew that already, but I'm a little slow.  I enjoyed exploring around Union Station in Kansas City, and when I went to Denver I found they also have a Union Station.  In Denver's case, the real beauty in my opinion is the facade. The inside is not very large so I focused my photography efforts (no pun intended) on trying to get some cool shots of that awesome looking red neon sign.  I like vintage signs (something else I have discovered through photography) and thought the "Travel by Train" in red neon was just too cool to pass up.  This is shot from the back side of Union Station.  Though I took some shots out front, there was traffic etc so they weren't as clear as I had hoped.  I went through the station, up onto one of the platforms, and sorta climbed a fence to get this view, which is really just the upper half of the structure.  You can see the top of the railing in the shot running across the bottom of the photo.  The skies were cool that day, as you can see, and I loved the detail and all the architectural elements.