Frost Bank Tower

I got up early last Sunday morning to go get some shots in downtown Austin.  I like Sunday morning because it seems most people sleep in on Sundays and therefore things are less crowded for a longer period of time.  Or maybe they are in church, but it’s good either way as that means they aren’t in my shots <grin>.  Anyways, I found a parking garage that was in a suitable location, climbed to the top, and found some great views of the skyline.  This is the Frost Bank Tower, which stands 515 feet tall and is the 3rd tallest building in town.  It was the first high-rise building to be constructed in the U.S. after the 9/11 attacks.  I rather like the look of the building, though some folks claim it looks like a giant pair of nose hair trimmers!  Nonetheless, the light from the rising sun was great, as blue hour was just wrapping up and I thought the building had a certain glow about it.

The clock tower

This clock tower is atop The Ferry Building in San Francisco, CA.  On my recent trip out there, I found myself photographing it (again) from an adjacent pier.  I really do like this building and have many more shots of it to share.  I also have several slightly different comps of essentially the same shot - the building with water in front and the wonderfully red neon sign on top all a-glow, which reads “Port of San Francisco”.  The only difference between all these other shots is this: zoom in a little, zoom out a little, get more of the skyline in it, get less of the skyline in it, etc.  I am not knocking my shots - I rather like them - but even a building as photogenic as this one gets a little stale when you have shot the same view of it several times.  So, after I took that same shot once again, I decided to try something a little different and zoomed in on the clock, and luckily found I was able to get the “San Francisco” words from the neon sign in the shot too.  I tried it several ways, but thought this version was the best.  Hope you like my attempt at a little creativity in the field!