The rhino and I know...

Using software to fix or enhance an image is standard practice.  In this case, I didn't fix anything and you can argue that I didn't enhance anything either.  But, I sure as heck made this shot look a whole lot different, and that's all this is about.  It's fun to take something and make it look entirely different, especially when the initial image is bland, boring and uninteresting.  So, I gave into the temptation of a few software programs, and this is the result.  For the record, the rhino likes his new look...

Standing tall

This is one of those moments Clark Griswold would be proud of, sort of like driving to see the Biggest Ball of String in the World.  In this case, me and a buddy had a guys' weekend to do whatever we wanted, so naturally I had a camera and we took off into the Texas Hill Country, which starts West of Austin for those of you that are unfamiliar.  I had heard of this little ranch outside of Hunt, TX where they have a replica of both Stonehenge and the statues on Easter Island.  Naturally I was curious to see these things for myself.  I mean, this is Texas so usually folks are interested in barbecue and the like, so this is downright foreign kind of stuff.  Well, once you pass through Hunt you follow a little road and then all of a sudden, here it is.  It sits in an open field, basically in the middle of nowhere.  We were the only ones there.  I don't recall even seeing a cow.

This is a 6 exposure HDR taken at f/22 in the middle of the afternoon, so there was a lot of light.  The exposures range from -3 to +2 and were merged into an HDR in Photomatix.  Afterwards I made some adjustments in PSE around Contrast and Shadows, and that is about all it took.  With the bright light coming from behind the statue, the HDR process really shines here in that you can still get all the detail in the front of it, despite that area being in shadow due to the sun's position.  I prefer to shoot HDR in lower light conditions, such as sunset, but even in mid-day it can really help you out!   

Prometheus at Rockefeller

This is the well-known statue of Prometheus at Rockefeller Plaza in NYC.  It's the one you always see them ice-skating in front of during the winter.  In real life, the area is pretty small which was surprising.  The ice rink always looks huge on TV but it's not that big.  Funny how things are different when you actually go there.  Anyways, it is a nice area and there is a little restaurant down there - you can just see the tops of the table umbrellas.  It was a nice evening, and I was walking around the city taking shots, which is always fun.  The thing about NYC is that there are so dang many spots to take photos that you just can't get them all done in one trip.  

Sunrise on Stevie Ray

This is the well-known statue of Stevie Ray Vaughan that sits next to Town Lake in Austin.  Though not from Austin, SRV was somewhat adopted by our town since he spent a lot of time here and had major influence on our music scene.  Austin bills itself as "The Live Music Capital of the World" and it must be true.  You can find live music playing in any number of clubs every night of the week.  This was a sunrise shot taken at about 8am on a recent weekend morning.  I assume most of the town's musicians were still asleep.