Not your typical Nashville photos

Not your typical Nashville photos

Today's post is a collection of random pics from my recent travels to Nashville.  It's a beautiful city, but one day I focused on shooting the offbeat and overlooked stuff, instead of the traditionally beautiful spots there.  I like what I came away with.  Shooting things that are usually overlooked is a great exercise for expanding your creative vision.  Have a look!

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Top Notch burgers

This is one of those iconic signs in Austin, and this place was made famous in the movie "Dazed and Confused".  Anyone remember that movie?  It was written and directed by Richard Linklater, and starred up-and-comers such as Matthew McConaughey, Ben Affleck and some others.  It's sort of a classic, at least in some circles.  Anyways, some of the scenes were filmed here, and it just so happens this place is about 5 minutes from my house.  I was passing by recently, and having eyed this sign for a long time finally pulled over and took the dang shot.  Do you have shots in mind that just float around forever, until you finally get them done?  I sure do, and now I can get this off my list.  Sadly, this was mid-morning and the light wasn't that great, so I may have to return around sunset one day and get it all lit up.  It's tough having an addiction sometimes!

Though I am posting this on Thursday night, it will be Friday by the time most anyone reads it, so I wanted to take a moment and recognize our Veterans since Friday is Veterans Day.  My Dad served for 30 years, and I have many friends who do or have served.  I just want to say that I really appreciate all the service and sacrifices that are made on behalf of our country.

Also, Friday happens to be my wife's birthday, so Happy Birthday love!

Late Dogs Nite

Just a sign I found while wandering in Austin.  I love signs, and always enjoy the interesting things I see on them.  This one really caught my eye.  Have a great weekend and thanks for looking!

Queen of Pies

I shoot a lot of photos of signs.  I just like them.  Truth is, I am not sure why.  I don't recall paying any attention to them prior to being a photographer.  But now, they always catch my eye, and I am always looking for them.  Well, I can accept it.  They're cool.   

This is from Home Slice Pizza in downtown Austin, which is fabulous.  I pushed these pixels around quite a bit, to the point that this photo doesn't much resemble the original...but hey, why not?  Sometimes you just need to do that.

Charing Cross tube stop

Just a quick post today - one of many tube stops I visited while in London.  I love signs, and the London Underground sign is one of the coolest.  I processed this one a little differently than normal, going with a really smooth, somewhat blurry background...I thought it looked kinda cool!  Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for the visits and comments this week!

Real Country Music


This is totally not the photo I was going to post today, but I was working on this shot last night for the fun of it, and just got so into it that I wanted to get it out there!  I guess it’s my sign addiction rearing it’s ugly head again.  This isn’t a magnificent photo in any sense of the word, but something about it just got to me - so here it is.  I took this while wandering around Broadway Avenue in downtown Nashville, TN.  If there were ever a street dedicated to REAL COUNTRY MUSIC, then Broadway would be it.  It must be heaven for some people.  I’m a rocker myself, but when I get the camera in hand, it’s hard not appreciate all this!

This is a single exposure that I ran through HDR Efex Pro and made it pop a little, then into Color Efex Pro for a Tonal Contrast Filter, and some final adjustments in Aperture around saturation and some selective sharpening.  Good fun messing with shots like this!

Have a great weekend and thanks for all the visits and comments this week, I sincerely appreciate them!

It's the little differences

As you have read here before (assuming this isn’t your first visit, that is - and if it is, thanks for stopping by!), I love taking pictures of signs.  I have no idea why, but I just really like them.  Street signs here in the U.S. are rather boring most of the time, but in Madrid’s historic old town they are these cool painted tiles which are mounted on buildings.   They just have the street name and some cool little painting.  So different, and so cool!  I took a lot of pictures of them.  This one was near the church of San Gines, which is one of the oldest churches in the city.  It reminds me of a little quote from Pulp Fiction - it’s the little differences... 

Vincent: But you know what the funniest thing about Europe is?

Jules: What?

Vincent: It's the little differences. I mean, they got the same s**t over there that we got here, but it's's just there it's a little different.

Lost in Madrid

Half the fun of travel is the esthetic of lostness.  ~ Ray Bradbury

It’s easy to feel lost when you are in a new country.  Things look different, things feel different, and in a lot of cases things are different.  That was definitely the case for me when I was in Madrid.  Though I didn’t really get lost - at least, not for long - I sure felt out of place often.  I studied Spanish a lot in school growing up - since I live in Texas - and felt fairly confident that I could speak it pretty well.  It works in Mexico.  The challenge is that they speak true Castilian Spanish in Spain as opposed to the Latin American-type Spanish found in Mexico - at least I think that’s what it was!  It sure sounded different!  It was beautiful to hear, but all my years of Spanish in school were really no help.  They might as well have been speaking Polish or something.  Anyways, I got by ok but it was considerably more challenging than I anticipated.  Oh well, it was still great to see such a beautiful city!  And it's a great place to wander - and get lost - with a camera.

Oh yeah, and I took this photo of a sign.  I just like signs.