Poppy bokeh

This single poppy really stood out to me, and as you can see was standing taller than his peers.  I thought he was quite attractive.  I was also able to conjure some nice bokeh in the background so that always gets me a little fired up!

I have been traveling for work all this week in San Francisco, so I am way behind on photography but that is ok.  I did get some great shots while I was away so tune in next week to see some wonderful Northern California goodness!  Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend! 

Red poppy

I have driven by a certain house in Austin probably a dozen times over the last few weeks, and every time I notice and comment on this wonderful field of red poppies that is bloomin' like crazy in their yard.  I keep telling myself that I need to bring the camera and get a picture before it is too late.  Well, today I finally listened to those voices in my head and brought the camera.  Here is one of the pictures that I got, and I rather like it.  I am a fan of bold colors (check!), bokeh (check!) and simple shots (check!).  I feel like I got it all in this shot...what do you think?

Single exposure, f/5.6, exposure bias of -1.7 ev.  I adjusted the contrast slightly in PSE and actually had to tone done the red saturation in Aperture.

Red camelia blossom

Just a quick post today - this is a red camelia blossom that I was fortunate enough to see recently.  In this shot I used my Hoya macro filters, which you can read about here.  They work really well.

This is a single image taken at f/5.6 and -1.0 ev.  I made some minor adjustments around Contrast in PSE and that is it!  Enjoy!

Then it's all just dust and dark

Since my last few posts were HDR landscape type shots, I thought I would mix it up a little just to keep it fun (at least for me).  While HDR landscapes are my first love in the photography world, I think a really close second is shooting macro-like photos and shots with bokeh.  It is something I am striving to improve upon this year.  I just find it interesting, and there is no limit to the things you can shoot.  I have seen all sorts of interesting photos on Flickr that are of everyday, sort of mundane things, but if done properly they can be really cool.  

We had a few of these red gerbera daisies in a few vases, scattered around the house.  I am a big fan of this type of flower - they are simple but beautiful to me.  I kept meaning to get them out and do some shots, and of course I kept forgetting.  One day my wife said she was throwing them out since they were already past their prime, and I said "wait!".  So, there is a little faded glory in this shot.  You can see some of the edges are frayed and beginning to turn.  But I wanted the shot and thought a little decay wouldn't hurt.  So I put them on the coffee table and shot away.

After processing the shots, they sort of reminded me of a lyric in a Bruce Springsteen song called "Worlds Apart" from his album "The Rising".  It is a love song, as many of his are, though you may not immediately recognize it as one.  He is a powerful song writer and I am always drawn in by his lyrics.  He is one of the best in my opinion, if not the best.  Anyways, the lyrics I am referring to go like this:

"We've got this moment now to live then it's all just dust and dark..."

That sort of reminded me of these flowers.  The shot is sort of dark, and there is dust on the table which I hadn't noticed when shooting.  It was their last moment to live, as they were headed to the trash after their glamour shots, and after that it is all dust and dark - even for us.  We all have a moment (which lasts a lifetime) and then we are swept into the history books.     

The fallen

Just sort of experimenting with DoF and bokeh in this shot.  I have really developed a taste for macro shots.  I find them interesting, in that these little things that are literally under your feet can provide you with some cool colors, excellent detail and make for interesting shots.  For me the trick is getting the focus right.  In this shot I intentionally focused on the center of the leaf with the hope of bringing out the detail in the veins and moisture.  I think I mostly succeeded.  What do you think?  What would you do different?

Red flower macro

I just liked this guy, especially the light dusting of pollen on the lower petal.  This is straight out of the camera, except for cropping and a slight vignette.



I was walking around the shops on the plaza in Santa Fe, sort of milling about as tourists tend to do.  Anyways, I wandered into a building and found these stairs.  I am a big fan of the color red and really liked the light on this red stairwell, although at the top it was just a bit bright.  I am also a fan of architecture and symmetry, so the clean lines and repetitive pattern caught my eye.  So, I snapped a few.  After processing, it got me thinking more that this is symbolic of your choices in life.  You can choose to go up, or down, or somewhere else entirely.  I read a quote that said that "choices are the hinges of destiny" and I believe that is very true.