Dodging pumpkins

I really had no idea what to call this photo.  It's an old Dodge, and there are a lot of there you have it.  It reminded me of the rock band Smashing Pumpkins, which sounds like fun to do although these aren't my pumpkins so I would likely have been beaten and escorted off the property if I tried that.  Anyways, I love the Fall season and pumpkins represent it so well - add in a rusty old truck and you have something that I love to shoot!

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Bainbridge - and Happy Halloween!

Honestly, I have no idea the name of the place where I took this shot.  It's one of those little towns scattered along the California coast, somewhere betwen Carmel and San Francisco.  We were driving along and saw this boat, and all those sea lions basking on the dock, and had to take a closer look!

Since it will be Halloween Day by the time most folks read this, I thought I would throw in some pumpkin shots for the heck of it.  I grabbed these with my iPhone while at Whole Foods the other day.  Sadly I never made a trip this fall to shoot in a pumpkin patch, though I wanted to.  It's one of those things that just never made it on the list.  Anyways, thankfully Whole Foods has a bunch still!

My favorite season

Fall is by far my favorite season.  No other season even comes close.  I love the cooler temps and the wind - to me it feels like a new year has begun already.  Now maybe that is because the summers here are oppressively hot and humid, and the weather change is a welcome one.  Maybe it's because the holidays are approaching and even total strangers seem to be in better moods, or that the fall harvest brings a new round of colors to appreciate.  But I think it is just how I am wired.  Regardless of the reason, I just love this season.