The Quays Bar

The Quays Bar

The Quays Bar in Temple Bar, Dublin all dressed up with a moody, vintage look

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Three pubs in Dublin

Warning!  This post might make you thirsty.

I do love me some Irish pub.  Of course I make the requisite visits inside when I can <ahem>, but most of the time I am shooting these from the exterior.  But that's ok, as I find there is a lot of character among Irish pubs.  

One of my favorites to shoot is the Oliver St. John Gogarty, which you see below.  It's a short walk from The Temple Bar, which is the most famous (and most photographed, at least by me!) Irish pub in a town that's bursting with them.  I love all those flags, and have shared many a photo of this place here in the past (and likely will do again).

Isn't this a fun looking Irish pub?

This next one is the Bison Bar, which from the outside is pretty easy to miss.  So easy, in fact, that I have missed it many times though it is next door to my normal hotel there.  But on my last visit we ended up there after some shooting (and while waiting for the light to change).  I'm really glad we did!  I thought this interior was really interesting.

I loved this wooden interior, and that light reflecting across the floor.

And lastly this is The Dame Tavern, which I have never been in (but there's always hope!).  We were wandering around doing the photography thing and when I saw this scene with all the kegs stacked outside, I just really liked here it is.

See?  There's another pub just over there!  LOL

Dublin is really a wonderful town which I immensely enjoy wandering in.  I find there is a lot to aim the camera at, and there's always a pub to rehydrate and rest in.  Good times!

The Brazen Head

This is the oldest pub in Ireland.  Ain't that cool?  Oh yeah, and Happy St. Patrick's Day! (required Irish photo below)

Do you have certain things that you automatically associate with certain countries?  You know, like tea with the English?  I have a few, and one of them is good pubs and the Irish people...they just go together.

I've posted many photos here of The Temple Bar pub in Dublin, and I admit that I still have PLENTY more of those to get to.  It's just so photogenic.  Frankly, I love that spot.  But there's another pub in Dublin which is well worth your time.  It's this one...The Brazen Head.  It's awesome, and it's the oldest pub in Ireland!

Now, it's a bit more of a walk than Temple Bar, but only by a few minutes.  And it's not sitting in the center of the entertainment district bearing it's name (also like The Temple Bar).  But it has personality, and as Jules said in Pulp Fiction...personality goes a long way.

I went there on my recent trip to Dublin after shooting around with my friends Mike Murphy, who was up from London for a few days, and Mark, who was traveling with me from Texas.  We ended up sitting there and making friends with a group of Irish folks who were seated near us.  

One of them, a bit of an elderly man, took a big interest when he found out we were from Texas.  He's apparently a bit of a historian, and started quizzing us on things that I had either never learned in school, or long since forgotten.  Or, maybe it was the Guinness.  :-) 

Either way, we had a great time and I highly recommend you visit The Brazen Head when you get to Dublin.  You can thank me later!

And by the way...this place is full of locals, so that's saying something.  Though I love The Temple Bar, I admit it's full of tourists mostly, whereas places like the Brazen Head appeal to the locals.  That's good enough for me.

The Malt Shovel, Edinburgh

Happy Halloween everyone! 

This photo has absolutely nothing to do with Halloween, sorry.  I am never very good at planning ahead and getting a shot for a specific holiday.  I have some old pumpkin shots, but didn't feel like dragging them out.  Maybe next year. 

So instead, I offer you The Malt Shovel. 

This is a pub in Edinburgh, Scotland that I walked past as I was wandering around that lovely town.  I loved the name and the look of it, so I stopped and waited for the tourists to clear, then fired away.  It only took a couple of attempts to get an empty scene. 

I shoot a lot of random things like this when I travel.  If it catches my eye, I will take the shot.   I will likely never sell a print like this or get anything financially from having taken it, but I take these anyways.  I just love to do it.  It's part of the fun of travel, and serves as sort of a visual bookmark of a trip for me.  So, I'll keep at it I guess.

Anyways, hope everyone is enjoying a Spooktacular Halloween! 

Irish pub crawl

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Oh, how Dublin delights!  I really enjoyed visiting this wonderful Irish town.  And it felt like a town, not a city - which is something I appreciate whenever I go places.  So the truth is, although I did visit an Irish pub or two while there - isn't that a requirement?? - I didn't actually do an Irish pub crawl.  It was more like an Irish pub photo walk.  Besides, who does a pub crawl by themselves?  Plus, this was at 7 in the morning for goodness sake!

Whenever I think of what an Irish postcard should look like (ok, I probably don't spend a lot of time on that!), I usually think of a photo of an Irish pub.  It just seems to represent the place, you know?  I had to make sure and get plenty of shots of was the right thing to do.  :)

So I was pretty happy when I got into their Temple Bar district on this fine Sunday morning.  All the tourists were safely sleeping off their prior nights' activities, and I was happily gunning HDR brackets without a care in the world.