Corpus Christi sunset

Our first night in Corpus Christ we were treated to a wonderful sunset.  We arrived later than planned and were getting settled into the room when I pulled back the curtains and stepped out on the balcony.  The sunset and its fiery colors were amazing, and I quickly ran back in and grabbed my camera, while screaming “oh my God” or something to that effect.  Out of habit, I figured I should grab the tripod too so I could get it in HDR, and then realized the tripod was still in the trunk of the car.  Argghhh.  I knew I would not have time to get there and back,  so I snapped several single frame shots as the sun quickly sank away.  It’s interesting how quickly the sun seems to sink.  Nonetheless I was happy to have grabbed a few shots and thought this one came out fairly nice. Plus, I thought that the oil refineries made a cool silhouette against the sinking sun.

Orange lily

I found this orange lily while walking around somewhere in Austin one day.  It was just sitting there looking pretty.  I enjoy macro shots of flowers and find it fun to see what sort of details you can bring out in the post-processing.  In this case I used PSE and Topaz Adjust.  Topaz Adjust really does a great job of helping to accentuate things like that, and it is a program that I use very frequently.  Single exposure, f/5.

Orange gerbera daisy

I actually picked up a bunch of these at a local store for use around the house.  After getting them home and inspecting them through the lens, I thought it would be a sin not to capture a closeup. The color was so vibrant and the size of these things was amazing.  Hope you like it!

My favorite season

Fall is by far my favorite season.  No other season even comes close.  I love the cooler temps and the wind - to me it feels like a new year has begun already.  Now maybe that is because the summers here are oppressively hot and humid, and the weather change is a welcome one.  Maybe it's because the holidays are approaching and even total strangers seem to be in better moods, or that the fall harvest brings a new round of colors to appreciate.  But I think it is just how I am wired.  Regardless of the reason, I just love this season.