Along Route 66

Along Route 66

A lovely sunset brings life to an interesting diner along Route 66…

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Inside the Embudo Gas Museum

Inside the Embudo Gas Museum

If you are like me, shooting a bunch of old gas pumps and other antique memorabilia is your idea of an afternoon well spent!  I did just that in Embudo, New Mexico at the Classical Gas Museum, and it was absolutely awesome.  Here's a visual tour of the inside of the museum - 14 photos in all.  It should keep your eyes busy for a bit!  :-)

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Parking in Seattle

I take a lot of shots of signs, because I like them for some reason.  I saw this parking sign hanging off the side of a building in Seattle, as I was walking back uphill towards my hotel.  I snapped a few from a distance, but when I got closer I noticed that the neon was reflected in the window, and thought that it looked cool.  So, here it is!  I ran this single exposure through HDR Efex Pro, just to grunge it up a little, and liked the way it turned out.  These little shots are fun sometimes, especially when you find something that has a gritty, abandoned feel to it!  Just a quick snap and a quick post today - thanks for stopping by!  Have a great weekend!

Hatch Show Print

There are some great signs along Broadway in downtown Nashville, TN.  I am a fan of signs, as I said in my post yesterday, and thought I would follow up that post with another one.  Why not right?  This is the sign that hangs outside of the store by the same name - Hatch Show Print.  Hatch Show Print is a Nashville institution and one of the oldest working letterpress print shops in America.  They are well known and easily recognized for their concert posters that they have done for years - way back to Johnny Cash and before him.  It's a great little shop and so after getting several shots from outside, I went inside for a closer look.  The people there are as nice as can be, and let me walk around and take whatever pictures I wanted - which was quite a few!  If you are ever in Nashville, be sure and stop by - oh, and bring your camera!

Betty Boots

Nashville is a nice little town, and the main drag down along the river is Broadway, home to many country music establishments and western wear stores.  I'm not into either one, but I am a big fan of bright neon signs so I cruised along the drag for a bit and snapped away happily.  Although I was not in a western shirt or boots, I was mostly ignored except by the panhandlers, so it was all good!  This place caught my eye and after some time in the "lab" I thought I would share it, hope you enjoy it!  Thanks for stopping by!

The clock tower

This clock tower is atop The Ferry Building in San Francisco, CA.  On my recent trip out there, I found myself photographing it (again) from an adjacent pier.  I really do like this building and have many more shots of it to share.  I also have several slightly different comps of essentially the same shot - the building with water in front and the wonderfully red neon sign on top all a-glow, which reads “Port of San Francisco”.  The only difference between all these other shots is this: zoom in a little, zoom out a little, get more of the skyline in it, get less of the skyline in it, etc.  I am not knocking my shots - I rather like them - but even a building as photogenic as this one gets a little stale when you have shot the same view of it several times.  So, after I took that same shot once again, I decided to try something a little different and zoomed in on the clock, and luckily found I was able to get the “San Francisco” words from the neon sign in the shot too.  I tried it several ways, but thought this version was the best.  Hope you like my attempt at a little creativity in the field!

Neon explosion

I spent a little time in Dallas this week, and got out with the camera for a bit too.  It rained on me a lot on the way up there, and I thought for sure I would get stuck in my room, watching the rain fall, but the storm broke for a while and I hit the streets.  I did get rained on some, but it was on and off and my trusty Nikon stayed mostly dry.  This shot is a closeup of some fountains that I found downtown around the JFK Memorial area - sort of near the West End part of town.  I was just playing around and took 4 exposures at f/5.6, thinking I might try an HDR.  The challenge was that the lights were changing more quickly that I was shooting, and the water was moving up and down very rapidly, so my 4 shots were all different colors - purple, blue, pink and orange - and the water was different heights in each too.  I went ahead and merged them into an HDR for the heck of it, and this is what it looks like.  Kinda fun, and definitely colorful! I like the abstract look to it. Look for some cool HDRs coming next week from this little trip.

The craziness that is Times Square

Who doesn't like Times Square?  I mean really, I know it is all touristy and stuff, but isn't it fun?  I think it is.  It is crazy, busy, full of tourists and of course lit up with all that neon.  I am sure the collective electric bills are massive.  They probably exceed the GDP of some small countries.  But hey, what the heck?  These companies know folks like me are going to come around with a camera, and maybe they will get some free advertising out of it, and I am sure that works.  But, just to be clear, though I do use Yahoo sometimes you will never catch me with a Budweiser in hand.