Moraine Lake is gorgeous!

Moraine Lake is gorgeous!

Moraine Lake in Banff National Park is just off-the-charts gorgeous. It's a place I would gladly return to again and again. I was lucky enough while there to get 2 beautiful sunsets...

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Staring down a mountain

I was hiking around at the top of the slopes in Beaver Creek, CO and saw these guys as they were pondering their descent.  I thought the clouds and the sky were awesome looking and grabbed a quick snap.  Not a lot to say about this one - it's a pretty simple shot.  I will add that walking in the snow is pretty hard when you sink up to your knees with each step!  That makes it a little hard to compose a shot in a hurry - but, there are worse things, right?

Here it is in black and white  - which looks better?

Church door reflections

It was just after sunrise in Colorado one morning, and I was walking around Beaver Creek with my camera, freezing cold but having a great time taking pictures.  Funny how you forget about your discomfort when you are doing something you love.  Anyways, I came across this church just on the other side of the hotel complex and walked around it looking for some cool shots.  I took quite a few, and wanted to share this one of the front door.  I like doors and entryways quite a bit, and when I saw the mountains reflected in the glass I knew an HDR was in my future!

Moon over mountain

Continuing my theme from yesterday, here is another image from atop the mountain in Beaver Creek, CO. After riding the gondola up there, I wandered around, just enjoying the snow, and the views of course.  I came across this grove of trees, saw the moon up there, and had to capture it.

A Beaver Creek landscape

I had the good fortune of spending most of last week up in Beaver Creek, CO.  It is a beautiful resort tucked high up in the Rockies.  The views are fabulous, the snow was falling, and it felt like I was in a European alpine village.  It was awesome.  During the weekend I had some free time to explore with the camera, so of course I did.  I got this shot while up on the ski slopes there in Beaver Creek.  I took the gondola ride partway up the mountain and then spent a while shooting this and that.  It was a blast.  Coming from Texas, I rarely see snow so I enjoyed that quite a bit!

Winter in the Canadian Rockies

This is from outside of Banff, in the Canadian Rockies.  We spent the morning dogsledding, which is an absolute blast if you haven't tried it, and during a break in the action I walked around to take some shots.  Really, it is so beautiful that it is hard not to get a gorgeous shot in this area.  Everything is just perfect and covered in snow I think makes it that much prettier.  It was really cold though, so that makes it a little hard to take photos since your fingers are freezing - but it's worth it!

This is a single exposure taken at f/8.  I made some minor adjustments in Aperture and PSE and that's it! 


We were in Jackson Hole, WY for a guys' trip (which is awesome by the way) and had decided to spend a day in Yellowstone.  This is normally a fairly quick drive, except that we were there while the nearest entrance was still snowed in, so we had to drive for 2+ hours, briefly through Idaho and then enter the park through West Yellowstone, MT.  It was a great drive with a lot of scenery to enjoy all the way.  Shortly after leaving Jackson Hole, we were cruising up through a mountain pass which was pretty near the border with Idaho.  I saw this scene, and really liked that one tall tree standing alone.

This is a single exposure taken at f/10.  I originally was going to post this as a color version, but could never settle on how best to process it.  There was not a lot of color to work with, save for a little blue, and nothing ever looked right.  Finally I got inspired to change it to Black and White, and here it is.  I actually like this version much better than the color, since you can better see the mountain ranges in the distance.  Plus, sometimes these type of landscape shots are best presented in a very simple way, to let the natural beauty speak for itself.  Or something like that. 

Out of its element

This shot is mostly for fun as opposed to something with real artistic merit.  I had gone to the top of a ski mountain in Red River, NM and was wandering around looking for inspiration, which isn't really that hard when you are about 10,000 feet up.  Anyways, I came across this huge machine and just thought the idea of this being at the top of a mountain was interesting.  I understand that it was needed for some work they were doing, but how in the hell did they get it up there?  Drive it?  That would take days.  On the back of a large truck?  That would never make it on the narrow mountain passages.  Anyways, there it was...and I found it interesting.

Skipping stone to stone

I found this peaceful stretch of river just outside of Jackson Hole, WY - which is a great little cowboy town if you haven't been yet.  We parked and had to hike for a while to get down to the river banks, which is always worth it when you find a nice little river waiting for you.  I walked around to take some shots, and being that the water was not deep, ventured out into the river by hopping across these awesome stones that happened to be in all the right places. 

Waterfall closeup

After hiking about halfway up the mountain, we took a brief respite alongside this wonderful little waterfall.  Being a photo guy, I decided I had to climb down the ravine a bit to get closer, which I did.  Thankfully I had the tripod in hand because I slipped and it kept me from going in the drink.  I don't mind getting wet in the name of capturing a shot, but my camera isn't too fond of it.