A morning in downtown Austin

A morning in downtown Austin

Here's something new - a drone and iPhone video montage from a morning in downtown Austin. Check it out and let me know your thoughts!

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Sunrise in Austin

Sunrise in Austin

Luck comes in pretty handy sometimes, especially since we can't control the weather!  I showed up here one morning just as the light got perfect - I love it when my timing is good!

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Las Vegas morning

Just a post and run today - wrapping up my travels for a while, thankfully!  This is the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas (on the left, that is - the one on the right is Caesar's Palace), which is an incredibly beautiful property, inside and out.  I grabbed these brackets while heading back to my hotel one morning - I'm a sucker for reflections!

Irish pub crawl

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Oh, how Dublin delights!  I really enjoyed visiting this wonderful Irish town.  And it felt like a town, not a city - which is something I appreciate whenever I go places.  So the truth is, although I did visit an Irish pub or two while there - isn't that a requirement?? - I didn't actually do an Irish pub crawl.  It was more like an Irish pub photo walk.  Besides, who does a pub crawl by themselves?  Plus, this was at 7 in the morning for goodness sake!

Whenever I think of what an Irish postcard should look like (ok, I probably don't spend a lot of time on that!), I usually think of a photo of an Irish pub.  It just seems to represent the place, you know?  I had to make sure and get plenty of shots of pubs...it was the right thing to do.  :)

So I was pretty happy when I got into their Temple Bar district on this fine Sunday morning.  All the tourists were safely sleeping off their prior nights' activities, and I was happily gunning HDR brackets without a care in the world.

Blue hour Vegas

Las Vegas is a pretty interesting town for photography - and I'm just talking about the architecture and street scenes.  You could spend forever there, as it seems like there is something interesting at every turn.  I was there for a few days last week, and got up early a couple of mornings to get out and shoot some brackets before it got all crowded.  On the first morning I started at Paris, and as blue hour was unfolding I set up on The Strip to take this shot.

Morning on the rails

Ok, a little break from my Ireland/Scotland shots, just to mix it up a bit.  I'll have more from that trip that I will post next week.  This one comes from a little closer to home.  In fact, it was real close to home since I took it in downtown Austin a while back.  This is a fun spot to shoot, since you have the train tracks and the decaying building with graffiti all over it.  It's like a perfect combo of all the cool stuff!!

Bathed in ritual mist

I got up on Thanksgiving morning at a place up in the Texas hill country to find this wonderful light fog hanging all around.  I quickly grabbed my gear and sprinted to this little creek that runs behind the property.  I love fog, though we rarely get any - so when I get the chance to shoot some I get a little fired up! 

Too early for tea

I love Carmel.  Everything about it is just awesome.  One place in particular that I love is this little English Tea Room, called The Tuck Box.  I made it a point to dine there one morning - and enjoy the tea - and it just adds to the allure of this town, in my book.  Since the architecture is so...well, English...I just had to come back early one morning during my stay there and snap it while the rest of the town was still in bed.  Doesn't it look like a Hobbit is about to walk out?

The streets of Chinatown

There is just something about shooting in the morning that I love, especially when I travel.  I feel like I have the whole city to myself, and I like it that way.  Everyone is asleep, and it's just me and the ritual clicking of my Nikon.  I choose to shoot first thing in the morning whenever I can, and I did just that recently while in San Francisco, when I headed over to Chinatown before sunrise.  It's eerily quiet which is such a stark contrast to any other time of day there, when Grant Avenue (which you see here) bustles with activity and noise.  The light was starting to push the darkness away, and I stood in the street just taking it all in.  And, firing off some brackets too, of course!

A misty morning fog

We spent the Thanksgiving holiday with some family in Marble Falls, TX which is a small town about an hour away from Austin.  It's a nice area and we always enjoy the visits.  On Thanksgiving morning, I woke up to find an interesting fog hanging around, which we never really get in Austin.  So I hopped out the back gate and down to the little creek that runs behind the house.  It's been so dry here that the water wasn't running - rather it was just sitting there.  That actually worked out ok though, as it allowed me to get some nice reflections.  HDR + still water...mmmm good.

For the record, yes the title of this post comes from a Van Morrison song.  Can you guess which one??  We listen to Van's "Hymns to the Silence" every Sunday morning.  Something about it just hits the spot on a Sunday!