Marina reflections

Since yesterday's post about the Guinness Brewery was a bit longer than normal (and I have a lot more to come from there!), I will make today's post short and to the point.  I was out at sunrise in Corpus Christi, TX one morning last summer, and found this wonderful marina.  The light was just right.  How's that for short?  :)   Thanks so much for stopping by today!

Clouds over the marina

ANNOUNCEMENT: New Blog Series/Guest-Feature-thing coming soon!!  Something cool I have been thinking about and working on for a while.  I alluded to this during my "Farewell 2011" post, and the first one is just about ready.  I think maybe this please keep checking back.  Is that enough of a teaser for ya?

I caught this image while wandering around outside my hotel in San Diego, CA.  I was there for work and had a little time before I had to get busy - so I couldn't wander far - but anytime I can get awesome clouds and some cool boats I am pretty happy to fire off some brackets!  Even if it makes me late for a meeting haha.

One thing to keep in mind when shooting boats is that since they are on water they are moving.  I know that is obvious, but when you are in the moment it doesn't always come to mind.  Sometimes the movement is very slight, and you may not even notice it when you are there, but when you are taking multiple exposures (or a long exposure) it can cause problems.  I learned long ago never to actually stand on the dock and shoot, since they are not that steady and your shots will never line up, or they will blur!  I learned that one the hard way, sadly.  And they were some cool shots.  Oh well.   :)

Night in the marina

A view over the marina in Corpus Christi, TX one evening this past summer.  I like how the long exposure smooths out the water.

I will be offline for a few days celebrating the Thanksgiving Holiday, so will post again next week.  Have a great Thanksgiving Holiday and a great weekend too everyone, and thanks for visiting my photostream.

Good morning, San Diego

During my recent trip to San Diego, most of my shooting was done after hours, but I was able to squeeze in about 20 minutes of shooting on the morning I departed, which ended up being an amazing and colorful sunrise. So, I have several more shots which all include this amazing sky and cloud combination.  I have really developed a taste for sunrise.  It’s hard sometimes to get up and moving (though not as hard when you have a plane to catch!) but I find I am more often than not rewarded for my efforts.

San Diego sunrise

Though I tend to get more pictures of sunsets, I really do enjoy getting a good sunrise photo.  It's just harder to be up and out there early I guess.  Recently in San Diego, I found myself with an opportunity.  I was departing my hotel, packing my stuff and all that, when I happened to look out my hotel window and I could see all these wonderful clouds, with the light just starting to peek through.  So I double-checked my flight time, decided I had some time to spare, and hurried up and checked out.  Luckily my hotel was next to the airport, which is next to town as well.  I just needed some water...hey this is San Diego, right?   Water is everywhere!  I always think of California as a "sunset place" because of the sun setting out West, but sunrise worked really well here since I was able to get the sun rising behind the town while still getting some ocean in the shot.  There was a local set up here too, taking shots.  I kindly asked to join him, and he agreed.  Aren't photographers just generally nice folks?  I always feel good when I come across a local - makes me think I might have found a good spot.

Slight ripples

I like boats, though I don't own one and don't want to.  I guess I like the idea of boats then.  Anyways, I do like to take photos of them, if you can get a cool reflection or something like that.  In this case, I got this shot after returning from our little cruise around the bay in Corpus Christi, TX.  These were all there, sitting at anchor and waiting for someone to come enjoy them.  I enjoyed taking their photo, even if it was a fleeting moment as we cruised past.

Corpus Christi marina

This is an aerial view of the marina that sits adjacent to downtown Corpus Christi, TX.  I was atop the Omni Hotel at their wonderful 20th floor restaurant - Republic of Texas - and discovered they have a little balcony overlooking the harbor.  After dinner we checked it out and - lucky me - my camera was with me.  It was windy as heck up there, but the view was fabulous!  If you ever make it to Corpus, be sure and eat there and bring your camera!

Twilight at Fisherman's Wharf

I always enjoy seeing photos of boats, though I am not a "boat guy".  I don't own a boat, and really have no desire to.  But, I appreciate their beauty and find them interesting.  Rarely though have I taken photos of a boat or boats, and when I have the shots have been disappointments.  So, I found myself at Fisherman's Wharf along the Embarcadero in San Francisco, and it was nearly sunset.  I had spent the better part of the day behind the camera, which is always great fun (especially in San Fran) but I was tired and in need of food.  I found some place serving fish and chips - image that! - and hunkered down for some refueling.  After a bit though I started to notice the subtle changes in the sky and the color and light, and got itchy feet and headed back out to shoot some more.  I walked around Fisherman's Wharf for a while, but it is crowded with tourists and I was looking for something a little quieter.  I meandered around the backside of the wharf and found this marina, which happens to overlook Alcatraz.  It was peaceful and quiet, the sun was setting over distant hills, the light was just right, and it was just me and the camera.