San Fran underground

On one of my trips to San Fran, I happened to pass by a subway entrance one evening while heading back to the hotel after shooting a bit.  I find subways interesting because we don't have them here in Texas - too much rock to dig through I guess.  I also enjoy shooting trains so I headed on down the steps to underground San Francisco.  It's cool being down there, especially at night when it is empty.  I really enjoy the distant rumble of an approaching train, and the squeak of the brakes when it gets there.  Aren't those just distinctive sounds?

Empty wharf

This is an abandoned and empty wharf I found along the Embarcadero in San Francisco last week. The work day was over and I had a little spare time on my hands.  It was still fairly bright out, so instead of doing the tripod/HDR thing, I opted for a little "traditional" photo walk - just me and my trusty Nikon.  I really need to do this sort of thing more often.  It is amazing the things you find when you are not lugging extra gear around and trying to find "the shot" (whatever that is).  I just cruised up and down the Embarcadero, which is the waterfront roadway there, and deliberately walked slow and took curious looks at everything.  In this case, I found an alley and meandered down it, and came to this sight.  There are so many famous places to photograph in San Francisco, and yes I want to capture them all too, but I derive a lot of enjoyment out of finding these little lost and forgotten corners.  They are interesting to me in their own way.