Hyatt Regency Austin

I was going through my archives and came across this shot, so I thought I would share it.  This is the Hyatt Regency on Lady Bird Lake, here in Austin.  It's an old-ish hotel but has a great location (obviously!) and they are well known for their fajitas in their restaurant - I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!   Mmmmm....fajitas.

I took this back in September of last year, as I was walking across the bridge and heading to the hotel. Thomas Hawk was in town, and he was hosting a mammoth photo walk that morning, and we were all to meet there in the lobby.  It was a great time and in addition to meeting Thomas, I got to hang out with some of my local photo buddies and meet new ones that day too.  It was a great start to a Saturday!!

Las Vegas morning

Just a post and run today - wrapping up my travels for a while, thankfully!  This is the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas (on the left, that is - the one on the right is Caesar's Palace), which is an incredibly beautiful property, inside and out.  I grabbed these brackets while heading back to my hotel one morning - I'm a sucker for reflections!

Ritz-Carlton, Naples

Yes, staying at a Ritz-Carlton Hotel really is pretty awesome.  I had the good fortune of attending a customer event which happened to be hosted at one of the Ritz-Carlton Hotels in Naples, FL.  Yes, I said one of them.  There are actually two in Naples - isn't that wild?  Anyways, it was hosted at the one on the beach, and I was housed at this one which is a couple of miles away on a beautiful golf course.  No, I never hit the links but I did squeeze in a little photo time around the property.  And I didn't mind being at this one, since it was newer and in my opinion actually a bit nicer.  Anyways, I had a few spare minutes one afternoon, and got out with the camera.  This is a view from behind the property, standing on the edge of the golf course, and looking back at the hotel across the lake, which I am sure is home to many an errant Titleist.  And by the way, be sure and ask the price for the breakfast buffet before you order - it's $25!!

Deck the halls

Ok, so I know Christmas is already gone, but I just wanted to share this one.  I took this HDR at the Westin La Cantera in San Antonio, during our quick trip to the resort at the beginning of January. Since they still had all the Christmas decorations out, I thought it would be fun to keep the Christmas spirit alive!

Also, I have some news about getting a series of my photographs published recently, which I will post later today.  So stay tuned on that front, it is very exciting for me!

Christmas at The Driskill

The Driskill Hotel is the grand dame of hotels in Austin.  It is old, historic and all those sorts of words used in the nicest way possible.  I took this last night while on a Holiday Photowalk with a bunch of great Austin photographers.  We started at the Capitol and cruised around, snapping away and geeking out on camera gear and the like.  It was enjoyable to say the least.