Small falls

I love waterfalls, whether I have my camera with me or not.  Although, I prefer to have it - just to be clear.  This is a little HDR I shot of a stream in the Bull Creek Greenbelt, a little city park in Austin not too far from the house.  I like to get out in nature and hike around, exploring this and that and taking pictures of course.  I shot this a while ago, back when we actually had water running in our creeks!  It's been so dry for so long that I am beginning to forget what it looks like.  So, I guess it's a good thing I got some pictures of it!

In case of fire...

I thought this was pretty funny.  I was hiking through the Bull Creek Greenbelt in Austin and came to this creek crossing.  As I was making my way across, I saw the fire hydrant.  Seemed like an interesting placement, right there in the middle of the stream.  So of course I backed up a bit, got my feet wet, but got the shot.



Just another quick snap from my recent photo hike through the Bull Creek Greenbelt.  I find that I miss my little local photo spots when I am on the road, which I have been quite a bit lately (though I obviously enjoy shooting in new spots too!).  There is some comfort in returning to your old haunts, even though you have photographed them a thousand times already...

Fall at Bull Creek

The Bull Creek Greenbelt sits in West Austin and is not far from the house, so when time permits I enjoy a photo hike through the area.  I caught this shot recently on just such an excursion.  It's great in the Fall because it is more often than not totally empty.


One of many shots I took on my recent hike through the Bull Creek Greenbelt, which is near the house.  It's a nice little area, easy to get to, and there are plenty of things to photograph.  I love shooting water anyways - there is just something about it that appeals to me.

Autumn reflections

This was an excellent morning in Austin.  The temps were in the mid-50's, which I find very comfortable, and there was an awesome low fog hanging around for quite a while.  Basically, it was perfect.  It was made better by the fact that I was able to get out with the camera for a bit.  I went down to the greenbelt at Bull Creek and hiked around the creek and the various trails.  It has been raining some here, so the water was moving nicely (that is to say, there actually was water!) and in no time at all I was a happy, muddy mess.  Ah, but what fun! I was also excited that we are in fact getting a touch of fall color, and I was the only one there to enjoy it.  It was just me, my camera and the quiet burble of a distant waterfall.