Approaching the Colorado Capitol

Due to all my recent travels (San Diego, Dallas, Tampa) and general life-and-work-busyness, I had almost forgotten about a few of my trips earlier this year such as Denver, Indy, Kansas City and San Fran - and all the photos I took on those trips.  Heck, I even have lots of Austin shots still to get to.  Plus, with my new software purchases I have become a little distracted, playing around with them and having fun.  So, I am trying to go back and work on some images that have been just sitting there in my Aperture library, like this one - just waiting for some attention.  I tend to take Trey Ratcliff’s advice and not process everything immediately after getting back from a trip.  It’s fun to find little surprises in your photo collection that you had forgotten about.  What about you?  

I took this earlier in the summer up in Denver.  I got up really early one morning and experienced a wonderful blue hour and sunrise while walking around the State Capitol and other parts of downtown.  I still maintain my opinion that morning is the best time to shoot when in urban areas, especially if they are popular with tourists.  Tourists are usually up late at night, so in the morning you get great light and no crowds!

Texas Capitol rotunda

Every photographer in Austin has probably taken 100 shots of the Texas Capitol - and here's another one!  It is a lovely structure with so many interesting elements at play.  Physically it is daunting but inside and underground you can find a whole lot to satisfy your photographic cravings.  I had a little time on Saturday to get out and shoot, and though I have taken many shots here before, I opted to return and take a few more. This is the open-air rotunda, which is part of the extension that was added a few years back.   At this spot you are standing about 2 stories "underground" though with the open top you are technically outdoors.  It is a beautiful part of a lovely structure, and I enjoy the repetitive pattern of the columns plus the rain we got Saturday (yeah!) leaving those interesting spots and glossy shine all along the granite. 

The medieval castle in Baton Rouge

This is the old state capitol building in Baton Rouge, LA.  It sits on a bluff overlooking the mighty Mississippi River and is now the Museum of Political History.  I was in town on business and had a little extra time to shoot (which is always nice).  I was down in this area looking for the site of my meetings for the next day, and once I saw this I knew I wanted to stop and get a closer look.  It is pretty impressive.  I have been to Baton Rouge many times, having family there and all, and never remember seeing this before.  The metal sculpture you see going across the lawn is a traveling replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington, DC.

Texas State Capitol, 6am

I got this shot at 6am on a recent morning. The sky started really dark and prior to dawn turned this amazing deep blue color. So for all you folks that are smart enough to sleep in, here is what it looks like in the wee hours of the morning. This is a single image, 30 second shutter speed.

Texas State Capitol

This is our State Capitol building here in Austin, Texas. It is constructed of pink granite and is actually 14 feet taller than the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. I caught this image early one morning as the sun was beginning its ascent. I liked the angle of the shot since it incorporated the statue of the cowboy and the cannon, both things that have been widely used in Texas. :)

In a 2008 poll of the American Institute of Architects, it was ranked the #1 State Capitol. Though difficult to see, the statue atop the Capitol is called "The Goddess of Liberty".