A gate in Santa Fe

I figured I was WAY overdue for a Santa Fe shot!

Due to my recent travels, a lot of my recent photos have been of Europe (darn!), especially Dublin and Glasgow.  And while I love those places (and still have a million shots to share from there), I also have another million from a bunch of other places still to share.

Take Santa Fe for example.  I am not looking at my library right now, but I would guess I have a few thousand photos in total from Santa Fe and the area around it.  We have vacationed there a few times over the years and really enjoy it.  There's just a lot of beautiful stuff to see there.  It's quite a photogenic town.


One part of Santa Fe that I particularly love to photograph is around Canyon Road, which is their "artist's road".  Basically, it's a street that completely filled with art galleries.  And while that can be fun and interesting at times, I can only do that sort of stuff in small doses.  I get overloaded with art and it all runs together.

But, if I am there with the camera, well then it's all different, isn't it?  ;-)

One thing I like to do there is to wander some of the other streets that are just off of Canyon Road.  There are some incredible homes in the area, and if you are a fan of adobe and Southwest architecture, it's a great place to wander with the camera.  I found this gate while doing just that!

A gate on Canyon Road

I love Santa Fe, folks.  It's a wonderful little town, and having just gotten back from a family trip there, I think I will dedicate this week to Santa Fe - yep, it will be Santa Fe Week here on Nomadic Pursuits - hope you don't mind!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I returned with ~1800 shots to process, and no I am not anywhere near being done with them - but I got a few done and though I am clearly a little biased, I got some real winners!

So, without further ado, here is Day 1 of Santa Fe Week on Nomadic Pursuits! (and by the way, I have never dedicated a whole week to a single location, so let me know if you end up getting bored out there, or if you enjoy this little bit of location focus)

As I have said here before (at least I think I have, but I could be making this up), Santa Fe has a whole bunch of great sites to photograph, and most are near or no more than an hour away.

Ok, wait - just remembered.  I did say this before.  Just the other day I published a Top Photo Spots in Santa Fe, which you can find by clicking on those highlighted words, or by looking for the article on the left sidebar, under the category called "Travel Photography Tips!".  

One such spot that is in Santa Fe - and very central and easy to get to - is Canyon Road.  It's a long road full of art galleries and studios, and though that might sound boring to some, there are a million photographs there just waiting to be taken.  Every side street, every gallery, every turn - something photo-worthy is waiting for ya, so get a bottle of water, your camera, and some walking shoes, and hit Canyon Road!  You can thank me later!

A beautiful entryway

As you may have read in some of my previous posts, I am a big fan of doors, entrances, entryways - whatever you call them, or whatever form they come in, I just like them - that is, if they are beautiful or interesting in some way.  I guess it is something in me that likes the symbolic passage from one place to another, or something.  Beats me, I just know I like them.  Anyways, we recently paid a visit to some family members that live out in the Texas Hill Country in Horseshoe Bay (if you know the area) and I have always liked this entrance.  Isn't it beautiful?  I sure think it is.  The curve of the arch is just right, the river rocks in it are awesome, and the iron gate is a great touch - like I said, it's beautiful!  It was a cloudy day when we were there, and of course my camera was thinking it was HDR time, so I was looking for some things to shoot.  I wandered around a bit and found myself here, setting up this shot.  This was not long ago as I said, so the spring growth was starting on the flowers although the trees were still bare from winter.  I thought that made an interesting contrast and added to the overall image.

This is a 6 exposure HDR taken at f/11, with exposures from +2 to -3.  I merged them into an HDR in Photomatix and then made some adjustments in PSE around Curves and Contrast.

The blue gate

Canyon Road in Santa Fe, NM is full of art studios.  Every single thing on the road is an art studio.  It's pretty cool, though after a while your brain gets "gallery overload" and you have trouble telling the difference between modern art and prehistoric etchings.  Anyways, prior to losing my mind there, I came across this studio which had this awesome blue gate.  Something about doors and entrances really gets to me.  Perhaps it is just the symbolic entry into something new, but whatever it is, I like them.