Engine 86

I was in CA on business, and was walking around with camera in hand, looking for something to focus on (pun intended).  Me and my teammate - who calls himself my faithful assistant since he ends up wandering with me on these trips - saw this firetruck in front of our office building and like all gawkers had to get a closer look.  The firemen were otherwise engaged helping someone do something - not sure who or what, but there was no fire - and so I took that opportunity to get a few pics before they decided it was a bad idea.  Thought it came out cool!

Just a firetruck

I am not sure what it is about firetrucks, but they are cool. Perhaps it is some deeply buried childhood dream of wanting to be a fireman, but I can't say I remember wanting that.  Guys out there - you like them too right?  Anyways, this was taken on the 4th of July last summer.  Like every neighborhood, ours had a parade and the firetruck was in it.  When the parade ended there was a general circus of activity, with food and drink booths, games for the kids, and of course the requisite firetruck tour (though I left that for the kids).  This is an HDR shot, with the bright sun coming from behind the truck (hence the light spots, which I like) and a momentary pause from all the excited kids who let me get this shot done (thanks kids!).