Old friends

Don't these two look like old friends?  I saw them sitting there and just thought of two old guys hanging out, chatting and playing checkers or something.  I believe these are macaws, though I am no bird expert.  I just like the color.  Always looking for color...

Just a flamingo staring at me

Doesn't he seem to be staring at me?  I just liked the picture, nothing too fancy or extravagant to say about it. I took this during my recent visit to the San Antonio Zoo.  I haven't been much into photographing birds until I made this trip.  Having snapped quite a few there, I have a new appreciation for their beauty and now find them much more interesting.  It's funny how snapping a few good pics of a new subject shed a different light on things for you.  Of course, capturing them in the wild is an entirely different animal (no pun intended).

Single image, f/6.3 and an exposure bias of -1.0 ev.  Some minor Contrast bumps in PSE and a little Saturation fix in Aperture...and that's it.

Rainbow lorikeet

I am not much of a bird guy.  My interest has mainly been just around birds of prey, such as eagles and hawks. The red-tailed hawk is my favorite, though I have yet to photograph one in the wild.  But that changed slightly when we recently went to the San Antonio Zoo.  There they have an enclosed area with all these lories and lorikeets flying around.  I really enjoyed it and took quite a few photos.  It is pretty interesting, and made more interesting by the fact that many of them will land on you and you can even buy nectar and feed it to them. It's pretty cool, unless you are bothered by birds landing on your head.  This guy just sat there for a minute or so, and fairly still I might add, as though he knew it was portrait time.  Most of the others were zipping around. I guess when you eat sugar all day you tend to get a bit hyper.

This is a single image taken at f/6.3 with an exposure bias of -0.3 ev.  ISO was 100.  I made some minor adjustments in PSE around Contrasts and that's it!

A resident of Mayfield Park

Mayfield Park, here in Austin, is home to many peacocks.  They just wander around and pose for you - it's pretty cool.  If you get here early in the morning, they are still all aloft in the branches of a big tree, which sort of functions like a peacock hotel of sorts.  They recently dropped their feathers too, which made an early morning visit pretty fun, collecting all these beautiful things.  Though I am not into photographing animals, I have to make an exception when I come across a regal creature like this.