A visit to Viktualienmarkt

A visit to Viktualienmarkt

While in Munich, we visited the Viktualienmarkt, which is sort of a big farmer's market. Here's a trio of shots from there!

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Some goodness from Seattle

Some goodness from Seattle

I love to visit Seattle, and luckily we made a stop there on our big trip this past summer.  Unluckily, it was only for 1 night.  But I did get a wonderful sunset out of the stop, so I can't complain about that!  Here are some pics from Pike Place Market during that sweet, sweet sunset!

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Handbills at the market

When we were in Seattle a little while back, we found ourselves walking up to the Pike Place Market via some back streets and alleys.  Normally that isn't recommended per se, but with a camera it is always an adventure.  Lucky for me, we came across some interesting stuff, like a wall of gum (more on that in another future post) and this wall which was totally covered in handbills and some graffiti.  In the old days (that is, prior to being a photographer) I would pass this by without much attention, and possibly consider it ugly and defacing.  These days however, I consider it something worth closer inspection and I actually find it rather compelling (I will stop slightly short of calling it beautiful, but I think it has some beauty about it).  Isn't it interesting how things change when you look at life through the lens?

Pike Place Market

Ahhh...Pike Place Market - one of my favorite spots in Seattle!  Have you been?  This place is so cool.  Surely you have heard of the fish-tossing there right?

I had the good fortune of having to go to Seattle at the start of this week for a couple of days.  I really like that town.  It’s got a great feel to it.  The people are cool, the city is beautiful, and you can find a Starbucks on every corner.  Ok, that last part ain’t so special, but it’s very nearly true.  In fact, I went into the very first Starbucks and had a ceremonial cup of hot tea.  It’s cool to go see where it all began.  There’s only one place you can do that, and it’s right next to the Pike Place Market there in downtown Seattle.  This is the main entryway to the Pike Place Market.  It is an iconic symbol of the city and frankly just a dang cool market.  I have been to Seattle several times, and always make time to visit Pike Place.  In fact, I visited 4 times in the short 2 days I was there.  But hey, I have to feed my photo habit, right?  I caught this one early on Monday morning.  In fact, it was just shy of 6:40am according to that large clock up there!  That’s one of my cardinal rules - always shoot tourist spots early in the morning before they get busy - it works every time!

Ferry Building marketplace

As I have written in previous posts, I really like the Ferry Building in San Francisco.  I like the history as well as the architecture.  It's cool both inside and out.  A few times each week they have this excellent farmer's market, and I was happy to find it in full swing on my recent visit.  This time I was able to get up on the 2nd floor and get a nice view of the action.  I also got some cool shots of the 2nd floor itself, so look for those sometime soon hopefully!  Thanks for stopping by!

A Seattle landmark

This sign sits atop the entrance to the Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle, WA.  It is essentially a very large and diverse Farmer's Market and it is a must-see when you get to this lovely town.  The stalls are bursting with amazingly fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers, and of course the fish are caught fresh daily (plus the fish vendors are great fun to watch as they toss the salmon about)!  Tip: get there early in the morning before it gets too crowded.  We arrived after breakfast and had the whole place to ourselves for quite a while.

A fruit stand at the Pike Place Market

Seattle is such a great town.  I love it there.  The scenery is fantastic, you have mountains and ocean both within sight, and the town has a great love of the outdoors.  One of my favorite sights there is the Pike Place Market.  It is a great open-air farmer's market downtown and you can find all sorts of foods, arts and crafts to spend your money on.  While walking around there, I was amazed at all the color and variety of fruits, so of course my camera was handy and I got a shot of one of the fruit stands.  By the way, the cherries were awesome.

French Market, New Orleans

This is the entrance to the French Market in New Orleans, LA.  It is a cool place.  It is basically a Farmers' Market where you can buy produce and assorted things like that.  I set up across the street from it, trying to wait out all the customers that were shopping.  Finally I gave that up because it is a busy place, and just fired off my shots.  After processing the photo, I was glad that I got the people in the shot, because it adds an interesting human element with all their movement, and it perfectly illustrates the hustle and bustle of the market.