Door #4

Door #4

I like photographing doors, and when I find one with a wickedly cool looking tree all around it, I go full-on crazy for it!

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Doors on Canyon Road

Doors on Canyon Road

There's something about the earthy tones of adobe that gets to me - well that and the nice pop of color on the door!

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The little stuff in Casco Viejo

I love doors and windows, though I am not really sure why.  I guess they symbolize a view into a new place, or crossing a threshold into a new land.  Whatever it is, I find myself taking random shots of doors and windows when I travel.  It’s fun.

In this case, I was walking around in the Casco Viejo historic district in Panama City, Panama.  There is a lot of interesting stuff there to shoot.  Historic churches, a fabulous theater, incredible architecture...and while I shot all that, I also stopped in between to grab some little shots like these two.

While these sorts of shots will never sell, or win awards, or even get much feedback, I like to take and share them as they fill in the blank spaces between the “big” shots, and I like that idea.  Sometimes the little stuff has just as much meaning as the big stuff.


As I mentioned in a recent post, it’s important to seek out the little things, even when you are shooting the big things.  I love to be standing with an immense, incredible landscape before me, ready for the clicking to start.  But I find that I am just as satisfied when I capture the smaller scenes, the off-the-beaten-path finds, the forgotten this-and-that stuff that is so easily overlooked.

So in that spirit, I offer up this little-slice-of-life shot of a hotel suite entry in Santa Fe, NM.  If you have never been to Santa Fe, plan a trip and be ready to be inspired.  It’s a mecca for the arts and as a photographer it gives you so much to point that little device of yours at (and by device, I am referring to anything from an iPhone to a DSLR). 

It really is an incredible place.  I am happy that I will be returning there soon.  So for anyone reading this...that means more Santa Fe stuff coming in the near future!

And Happy Valentine's Day!

Back streets and cool doors


Ok, I will go ahead and admit it: I have a couple of addictions when it comes to my photography. The first is that whenever I am in a new place, I really enjoy wandering around in the back streets. It’s just fun and interesting, and you never know what you might find.

The other addiction I am referring to is that I love to photograph doors. It doesn’t really matter if it’s a big door, small door, red door, blue door, old door or new door (hey I sound like Dr. Seuss!) – they usually catch my eye, assuming it has at least some interesting elements about it.

The nice thing is that these two little addictions often go hand-in-hand. When I wander on back streets, I find cool doors. You gotta love when your addictions are complementary!

I found this door wandering on the back streets of Bratislava, Slovakia. Isn’t it cool?


I have to admit - I'm a door guy.  I love doors, entries, entryways, entrances, gates, portals, passages, openings...I just find them all interesting.  And...the grungier, the better.  In other words, it's hard for me to walk around most places because I am always checking out all the doors.  I guess there could be worse problems, eh?  I saw this one in downtown Austin, and the grunge, paint, metalwork and overall character just caused me to pause.  I'm glad I did! (and if you look close, that is my reflection looking back!)


I never tire of looking for or at interesting doors and entryways when I travel.  I am always scouting for them, and it makes me smile when I find interesting ones, such as this one that I discovered while on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, NM.  Canyon Road is a great place to visit, because it is an entire street dedicated to art galleries. Literally the whole street is one gallery after another.  It does get to the point where you feel like you hit "art overload", but there is a lot to photograph there!  So, grab some caffeine and keep shooting!  There's cool stuff out there and you don't want to miss it!

How do you say "No Entry" in French?

Do you only shoot the "big things" when on a trip, or do you look for hidden gems that only getting lost can deliver?

I love doors and entryways, and I am always looking around for interesting ones to photograph. I found this one while wandering in the old town area of Montreal, Canada.  Wandering is good, and in my opinion has a lot of benefits.  If I had chosen only to visit the major sites in Old Montreal, there is no way I would ever have found things like this.  Getting off the beaten path, even slightly, can really change things up in a good way!  You pretty much have to see the big things, but when you are done, toss out the checklist and wander!

Office #59

Walking around in foreign cities is just fun, especially in Europe, and doubly so with a camera in hand.  They've got the same stuff over there that we've got over here, but over there it's just a little different.  (Sorry - started quoting Pulp Fiction for a sec.).  Anyways, I was cruising around in Glasgow, Scotland and thought I would take a shortcut back to my hotel.  Turns out it wasn't any shorter, but I did happen to walk by this cool old building with a bright blue door, so it worked out ok.  Plus it took longer because I kept finding all kinds of interesting things to shoot, such as a crumbling building and some graffiti, too.  Wandering is fun, and distraction comes easy.

Enter the Fae

Fairies are real, just ask any young girl.  They are hard to see, because they are so quick, but believe me - they are out there.  I asked, and that is what I was told.  So, who am I to argue with that?  We were in Carmel, CA recently (as you have heard me say with a lot of my recent shots) and walking around in the various shops, which tend to run into alleys and disappear around corners.  It's an interesting place.  You can literally wander for hours, if shopping is your thing.  It ain't mine, though I was happy to snap a few shots as I meandered.  In this case, we were down some random alley that seemed to go nowhere, when we happened upon this door.  I love doors and entryways (another thing you may have heard me say here on the blog) and when I saw this one, with that interesting tree just past it, I knew my camera was about to come to life.  

After I got it home and looked at it on my large screen, I did my somewhat normal processing, which includes short stints in Nik Software's HDR Efex Pro and Color Efex Pro.  When I was done, I felt like I was staring at a secret entrance to some Fairy Kingdom.  I just read a remarkable book which involves a young man who enters the Fae, and I guess it was top of mind.  For the record, I am not referring to a children's book.  It is part two of a three part series entitled The Kingkiller Chronicle.  Book 1 was The Name of the Wind, and book 2 is Wise Man's Fear.  They are by Patrick Rothfuss.  If you have not heard of them, I suggest you drop whatever you are doing (after reading the rest of this of course!) and get yourself to reading them.  If you are a fan of Lord of the Rings, you will enjoy these stories immensely.  I can honestly say that they are two of the best books I have ever read, and I cannot wait for the final book in the series!