Door #4

Door #4

I like photographing doors, and when I find one with a wickedly cool looking tree all around it, I go full-on crazy for it!

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Doors on Canyon Road

Doors on Canyon Road

There's something about the earthy tones of adobe that gets to me - well that and the nice pop of color on the door!

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The entry to Thomaskirche, Leipzig

I'm a big fan of church entries - they're always interesting!  How about you?

I didn't really intend to post this photo today.  I am writing another article to share here, and thought it would be ready to post today, but it's not.   It's about some social media stuff, and after doing a re-read I decided to put it off a little bit more.  I keep adding and changing things, which is always a sign that something isn't quite ready.   So, hopefully next week.

In the meantime, how about another shot from Europe?  Thomaskirche, or St. Thomas's Church, is a Lutheran Church in Leipzig, Germany and was something I made a point of shooting several different times while I was there.  I just love European churches and being a big fan of architecture, I can't really resist them.

But I am also a big fan of doors and entryways, and this one definitely caught my eye.  I was drawn in by all the ornate details and texture here.  I find that stuff hard to resist too.  

Do you take photos of doors and entryways?  Why do you like them? 


Old door in Bratislava

As I have shared before, I have a thing for doors.  They just get to me somehow.  So whenever I am out shooting, I am casually scouting out interesting doors too.  It's hard because often my mind in pulling me in two directions at once.  I usually shoot whatever is closest first, unless the further thing is likely to disappear or change in the span of a few moments.  I think of that as being logical, but it's just laziness, probably. 

I caught this one while wandering some back streets in Bratislava, Slovakia.  It wasn't an overly beautiful door, but I did like the writing above it - although I have no idea what it says.  I am a fan of languages, though I really only speak one (apart from Pig Latin haha).  That one potted plant sitting there gave it a nice touch, I thought.

Sometimes these little scenes that I capture bring back just as fond a memory of a place as the big cityscapes do.  How about you?

Back streets and cool doors


Ok, I will go ahead and admit it: I have a couple of addictions when it comes to my photography. The first is that whenever I am in a new place, I really enjoy wandering around in the back streets. It’s just fun and interesting, and you never know what you might find.

The other addiction I am referring to is that I love to photograph doors. It doesn’t really matter if it’s a big door, small door, red door, blue door, old door or new door (hey I sound like Dr. Seuss!) – they usually catch my eye, assuming it has at least some interesting elements about it.

The nice thing is that these two little addictions often go hand-in-hand. When I wander on back streets, I find cool doors. You gotta love when your addictions are complementary!

I found this door wandering on the back streets of Bratislava, Slovakia. Isn’t it cool?


I have to admit - I'm a door guy.  I love doors, entries, entryways, entrances, gates, portals, passages, openings...I just find them all interesting.  And...the grungier, the better.  In other words, it's hard for me to walk around most places because I am always checking out all the doors.  I guess there could be worse problems, eh?  I saw this one in downtown Austin, and the grunge, paint, metalwork and overall character just caused me to pause.  I'm glad I did! (and if you look close, that is my reflection looking back!)


I never tire of looking for or at interesting doors and entryways when I travel.  I am always scouting for them, and it makes me smile when I find interesting ones, such as this one that I discovered while on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, NM.  Canyon Road is a great place to visit, because it is an entire street dedicated to art galleries. Literally the whole street is one gallery after another.  It does get to the point where you feel like you hit "art overload", but there is a lot to photograph there!  So, grab some caffeine and keep shooting!  There's cool stuff out there and you don't want to miss it!

How do you say "No Entry" in French?

Do you only shoot the "big things" when on a trip, or do you look for hidden gems that only getting lost can deliver?

I love doors and entryways, and I am always looking around for interesting ones to photograph. I found this one while wandering in the old town area of Montreal, Canada.  Wandering is good, and in my opinion has a lot of benefits.  If I had chosen only to visit the major sites in Old Montreal, there is no way I would ever have found things like this.  Getting off the beaten path, even slightly, can really change things up in a good way!  You pretty much have to see the big things, but when you are done, toss out the checklist and wander!

Office #59

Walking around in foreign cities is just fun, especially in Europe, and doubly so with a camera in hand.  They've got the same stuff over there that we've got over here, but over there it's just a little different.  (Sorry - started quoting Pulp Fiction for a sec.).  Anyways, I was cruising around in Glasgow, Scotland and thought I would take a shortcut back to my hotel.  Turns out it wasn't any shorter, but I did happen to walk by this cool old building with a bright blue door, so it worked out ok.  Plus it took longer because I kept finding all kinds of interesting things to shoot, such as a crumbling building and some graffiti, too.  Wandering is fun, and distraction comes easy.

Door C


After nothing but Madrid and London shots the last few days, I figured I would make a serious departure and post something from a bit closer to home.  So, here's an old door that I came across while wandering around in East Austin.  There is a lot to see and photograph on the east side of this town of mine, and I would like to go back soon.  It should be easy, considering I live here, but finding the time to go shoot in my own backyard isn't really that easy.

As I have written here before, I love taking shots of various doors and entryways.  They are very interesting to me, and sometimes inviting - though not too inviting in this case!  This one drew me in with all the texture and graffiti.  Stuff like that is hard to pass up!  And I just realized that this is my third shot in a row that is vertically oriented (portrait mode) so I guess I need to post something that is in landscape mode soon!