Austin in bokeh

Just playing around with DoF and bokeh, both of which are interesting to me.  This is from one of my favorite places to shoot in Austin, looking at the Austin skyline...look familiar to you Austin photogs?

Denver's road home

I was walking around just outside my hotel in downtown Denver and saw several of these red parking meters.  The red color caught my eye, so I thought I would try and get a shot or two of them.  It wasn’t until I looked a little closer that I realized this wasn’t your normal parking meter - it’s a way to collect money for the homeless in Denver.  What a great idea!  I read about it online later and it seems to be working, so that is great news for those that need the assistance.  I cannot imagine having to deal with winter in Denver without a place to stay warm.  Hats off to Denver for being creative and best of luck with this program! 

The fallen

Just sort of experimenting with DoF and bokeh in this shot.  I have really developed a taste for macro shots.  I find them interesting, in that these little things that are literally under your feet can provide you with some cool colors, excellent detail and make for interesting shots.  For me the trick is getting the focus right.  In this shot I intentionally focused on the center of the leaf with the hope of bringing out the detail in the veins and moisture.  I think I mostly succeeded.  What do you think?  What would you do different?