Biking to the dam

Mountain biking is fun, and it is something I used to do a lot here in the old days, though Austin isn't really known for its mountains.  I remember wanting to be somewhere mountainous so I could do some "real" mountain biking.  So when I was in Denver recently and was presented with the opportunity, I jumped at it. We were all in Denver for work purposes and got a free morning for this little adventure.  I brought the camera, of course, but there was no place for a tripod, which was fine.  It was about 6 miles round trip, which feels longer when you are going uphill but the return trip down was all coasting!  The turn around point was at this dam, the name of which escapes me, but everyone stopped for water and Power Bars, while I snuck off to explore the sights with my camera.  I was interested in this dam, but as you can see on the left side there was a stinkin' fence keeping me from getting too close for my own good, so I had to settle for this shot from a distance.  You could hear the roar of the water gushing out of the dam, and you can sort of see it there too. My favorite part is the spray of water hitting the rocks in the distance, and that lone tree leaning in for a closer look...

Dam it!

The Colorado River is the 18th longest river in the US at 862 miles and the longest with both its source and mouth within Texas.  In several places we have dammed up the river in order to create a bunch of lakes, which generally run in a Northwestwardly direction from Austin. Collectively we called them the Highland Lakes.  There are a lot of scenic spots along the river around the Austin area.  This is the Tom Miller Dam which sits on the west side of Austin.  Just on the other side are a couple of nice spots to dine with a view over the lake.  It's particularly nice this time of year when the heat has mostly dissipated.