Plaza Mayor abstract

Madrid is rich with photographic opportunities. 

I was taking pictures of signs, people, food, buildings - you name it.  Yes, I said food.  I never take food shots, but there was a killer market there so I snapped some in that place too.  At some point I will do a post just on that market - it was a happening place!  

Even with limited time there in Madrid, I still fired off 450+ photos, so there is a lot more to get to (please bear with me!).  In the interest of variety though, I will continue to mix things up here on the blog, at least most of the time!  This is a bit of an abstract shot in the sense that it is just a portion of the grand facade of the large central building in their Plaza Mayor.  It was such a massive structure, and so beautiful, that I took lots of different shots from lots of different angles - a good way to spend the day!

To give you more context of what the building looks like, please see this previous post: 

Today’s photo is a portion of the large spire on the top right of the building in the 2nd photo on the above link - does that make any sense at all, or am I just rambling here?   Anyways, thanks for stopping by!

A touch of autumn

One day, I will make the much-ballyhooed trip to New England during the fall, so as to catch nature in all her glory.  The photos I see - with so much color - are just alive, and I find them incredibly beautiful.  Living in Austin, we just don’t quite get that kind of fall.  We do get cooler temps, thankfully, and get some color but nothing famous.  So, imagine my surprise and excitement when I came across these wonderful leaves floating in a little creek, not too far from the house!  I was able to squeeze in about 1 hour yesterday to go shoot, so I headed over to the Bull Creek Greenbelt, which was chosen primarily based on proximity.  I hiked around and shot waterfalls (small ones, that is) and kept looking for fall color, to no avail.  Finally, I took a different path back to the car and caught a glimpse of these leaves, floating in the creek down at the bottom of a ravine.  It made my trip. 

Clouds and color

Some amazing clouds and colors in the sky that I caught one evening over San Francisco, CA.

Abstract art

I have come to appreciate abstract shots of random, unrecognizable things.  I find them interesting.  This is a portion of a sculpture hanging from the ceiling inside a building lobby in downtown Austin.  I was on a photowalk with some local Austin photo friends a long time ago, and we stopped and I think we all got shots of this one.  It's pretty interesting looking when you walk into a lobby and all this wild, colorful stuff is hanging above you.  It's cool, at least to me.

Old friends

Don't these two look like old friends?  I saw them sitting there and just thought of two old guys hanging out, chatting and playing checkers or something.  I believe these are macaws, though I am no bird expert.  I just like the color.  Always looking for color...

A resident of Mayfield Park

Mayfield Park, here in Austin, is home to many peacocks.  They just wander around and pose for you - it's pretty cool.  If you get here early in the morning, they are still all aloft in the branches of a big tree, which sort of functions like a peacock hotel of sorts.  They recently dropped their feathers too, which made an early morning visit pretty fun, collecting all these beautiful things.  Though I am not into photographing animals, I have to make an exception when I come across a regal creature like this.