Night on the Old Bridge

Night on the Old Bridge

The Old Bridge in Heidelberg, Germany, done up with a couple of different looks. Which do you prefer?

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The suspension bridge in Waco

This is one heck of an awesome bridge!

Do you love bridges?  I sure do.  They are one of my favorite photographic subjects (and I feel like I say that a lot here on the blog....but there are a lot of things I love to shoot!).  There's something about them that just draws me in.  You know what I mean?  

It is probably a combination of the architecture, the water that they are usually over, and the symbolism they represent to me - a connecting of disparate parts, bringing together separate lands...that sort of thing.  I don't know...but they're cool.

Anyways...I was driving to Dallas one day and had the urge to stop in Waco and explore for a few minutes.  Waco is not exactly high on anyone's list of places to go shoot (sorry, Waco) but I had seen some pics of this bridge online and knew it was pretty close to the highway, so I figured it would make a quick stop.  It did.

It was super easy to get to and I had it entirely to myself, which is how I like things.  It was also an incredibly windy day with major clouds and stuff blowing through, as you can see in the pic.  Anyways, I shot all around, under and on top of this bridge until I felt like I got everything I wanted.

I love shots like this because there is such a color and texture difference between the bridge and the sky - I just like contrasts like that.  I also thought I would share a Before & After sort of thing, which is a screenshot of this photo from when I was working on it in Color Efex Pro.  That's the Before on the left, and the After on the right.  I haven't shared one of those here in a while - let me know if you want to see these more often, k?   

Ha'Penny blue hour

This is the Ha'Penny Bridge in Dublin, Ireland which straddles the River Liffey.  It's not a big bridge, as you can tell, but it has a long and important history in the town, dating back from 1816.  I'm no historian, but that sounds pretty old to me.   :-)

I love shooting bridges, because I find they offer some interesting possibilities for photography.  Plus, they go over water (well, normally at least!) and that means I might get some nice reflections, which is another thing I really like.

I got up early one morning in Dublin to wander the Temple Bar district and take shots.  I love that time of day because I am normally alone, enjoying scenes like this free from the distractions and noise of tourists and pedestrians. 

By the way, this is a single long exposure instead of HDR.   

Bay Bridge blues

I generally shoot 7 frames for my HDR’s, and depending on the outcome generally use all of them.  However, I find that sometimes I get all I need out of a single exposure.  This was just what happened with this shot.

It was blue hour early one morning in San Francisco, and I had my Nikon pointed at the Bay Bridge, which is pretty common for me when I visit that town.  I fired all 7 like normal, but when it came time to process, I really just liked this single exposure all by itself.  In this case, HDR didn’t really help me any.

That doesn’t happen a lot, and it depends on what look you are trying to achieve with the shot, but when it does happen it sure makes the processing a little quicker!

Millennium sunset

Do you ever feel like you will never get your photos processed and shared?  Yeah, me neither :-) .

I was going through one of my old London photo batches taken over a year ago and thought I would give this shot a go.  It was sunset and I was shooting along the River Thames with Mike Murphy and John Esslinger - both locals and great photogs you should follow.  We were next to the Tate Modern, shooting here at the Millennium Bridge.  As you can see the sunset was pretty awesome.

For some reason though, I never got around to processing this pic, and now that I have, I rather like it.  It’s just that I have so many and I try to mix things up for you all, so you don’t get burned out on one place.  (Ok, so I don’t get burned out on one place.)

Anyways – here it is.  Better late than never, right? (And yes, I realize this photo isn’t perfectly centered/aligned.  Call that “artistic license”.  Or maybe the bridge is skewed a little.) 

The Waco suspension bridge

A couple of weeks ago, I had to drive up to Dallas for business, and of course my hope was to find a little free time after hours to shoot.  Normally I stop in Salado, TX and shoot their City Garage (see the pics here) but the exit was closed for construction, and I am way too hyper restless busy to backtrack and shoot it.  Plus, I have shot it several times, and so I set my sights on Waco, TX instead.  It turned out pretty good.

I knew there was a cool-looking suspension bridge over the Brazos River, and with a little help from Google Maps and my iPhone, I soon found it and pulled over.  It was a crazy windy day so thankfully I wasn’t trying to shoot a bunch of trees or something.  That the nice thing about bridges - they’re usually still.

Oh yeah, and there were some awesome clouds that day, too.

Ha'penny sunset

It was getting late in Dublin, Ireland and I was wandering along the River Liffey with my camera.  That's no surprise, really - is it?  Wandering is good.  Anyways, the River Liffey runs right through the middle of town and has some nice bridges across it.  I was shooting all that, and more.  I like Dublin.  It's a beautiful place.

As sunset began, I could tell it was going to be something special.  You ever get that feeling?  The clouds were in the right spots, the light was just getting magical, and it just felt right.  Then it all came together.

I raced upriver to the Ha'Penny Bridge, firing rapidly the whole time.  I find that when colors, clouds and light all decide to get together like this, it's usually pretty brief so you better fire away while you can!  Thanks for looking!

Under the New Bridge

I am traveling this week, and so most of my posts are going to be pretty short.  I hope to grab quite a few shots this week in Santa Fe - it's a great town.  Thanks so much to everyone who visited and commented yesterday, I really appreciate the feedback on that image.

I caught this shot in Bratislava, while I was walking around under their New Bridge.  I love shooting bridges, and often try to get shots underneath them as well!

Blue hour on the River Liffey

Ah, Dublin.  It's a great town.  There is so much to shoot, and despite firing off something like 1400 frames there, I feel like I barely scratched the surface.  That's the way it is with travel photography - you are always left wanting more.  Anyways, after work one day I headed out as sunset was nearing and I knew the light would only last a little while.  I had seen this incredible bridge - the Samuel Beckett Bridge - and knew that it would make for some interesting photo opps.  I was hoping for a dramatic sunset that night, but had to settle for a beautiful, cloudless blue hour.  I did however find some nice vantage points, and with such interesting architecture across the river - and lots of sparkly, twinkly lights - I was rather happy with how my evening turned out!

Dreamy Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge in London is one of those iconic structures that everyone goes to see, and most photograph.  I did the same.  Call me a tourist if you must, but some things you just have to shoot (like I mentioned yesterday).  So, I hung out there and took many, many shots of this beautiful bridge.  You see, I have a thing for bridges anyways, so add the allure of it being one of the most famous, and BAM! I will sit there for a long time and examine it through the lens in a lot of different ways.  In this case, I went for a soft, almost hazy bit of processing to give it sort of a dreamy look.  I rather like it, but it's a slightly different look...