The ceiling in the Louvre

Just a quick single exposure of the ceiling in one of the rooms of The Louvre museum in Paris.  If you ever make it there, be sure and visit the museum and don't forget to look up!  There's something beautiful overhead.

Old National Gallery, Berlin

This is the front of the Old National Gallery in Berlin.  I have no idea if it’s a great museum or not, as I didn’t have the time to go inside.  My Berlin trip was a very quick one - about 5 hours in total - so mostly what I did was run around to a few select spots to get shots, and of course stop and take shots of interesting things along the way.  This is one of those interesting things I came across.

I am a big fan of architecture so this place caught my eye.  Plus, I just dig shooting scenes like this because of the combination of cool and warm tones, the details in the stonework, and the moodiness of the sky.  Of course, maybe I helped the moodiness a little, but it’s my photo so why not?  :-)

Laguna Gloria Art Museum

This branch of the Austin Museum of Art (there is also a museum downtown) sits on a beautiful 12 acre estate just on the edge of town, overlooking the lake.  It is a wonderful place to visit and is very popular for weddings too.  I paid them a little visit last weekend, hoping I could get a clear shot of the Italian villa with a cool sky behind it.  All my other attempts have been thwarted by bright sunshine, and they close the grounds at 5pm so sunset is usually out of the question.  Saturday it went my way, thanks to a cloudy and sometimes rainy day.  When I arrived they were setting up for a wedding, with trucks moving here and there, and folks milling about.  So, I wandered the grounds and got a lot of shots of other things - statues, columns, fountains, and even a lizard.  When I made my way back to this scene, I found it empty and fired away.  I guess patience is a virtue.

Denver Art Museum

While on my photowalk in Denver one morning, I came across the Denver Art Museum.  I like art museums and they are usually fairly interesting.  This one was awesome - well, at least the outside.  It wasn't open at 6am and I was hunting for photo opps anyways.  It has this great design and is very modern, which I like quite a bit.  Sometime if I make it back up there I'll have to check out the exhibits.  By the way, the blue hour up in Denver seemed to last forever.  At home in Austin, I get 15 minutes or so but in Denver it really felt like about an hour.  I find that curious - any ideas why?