The Life Sciences Library

The Life Sciences Library

Sometimes you wander into buildings and find amazing things - and then you have to return with the camera.  Don't you love happy accidents?

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Testing the Olympus at the UT campus

More tests with my handy little new friend, the Olympus OM-D EM-1

I am liking this camera, a lot.  It's quite versatile, and obviously it is small and light, which is hard not to like about a camera.  But capability-wise, it seems to really handle what I have been throwing at it.  In other words, I am likely going to sell all my Nikon gear.  It's that good.

I was up at the University of Texas campus for an event recently, and just brought along the EM-1 in case I had the chance to fire a few shots.  That's what I love about it - it's small enough to pack along "just in case".  I never did that with my Nikon.

Luckily, I did have time to grab a few shots, and those are what you see here today.  These are all HDR photos.  All were taken handheld, and though I fired 5 shots each time, I ended up only using 3 photos when it came time to process.  I've been doing that more lately - even though I may take 5-7 photos per bracket, I am not using them all.

Anyways, I'll be back with more about this Olympus camera another time.  Enjoy today's photos, and thanks for stopping by!

Hallways always have great lines, and are wonderful for HDR, in my opinion.

Another hallway, just about 15 feet away from that last one.  Easy!

Littlefield Fountain, a well-known spot on the University of Texas at Austin campus.

Just a statue - I wanted to see how this one handled firing brackets in sketchy light - it did good!

Roaming the halls

This is another shot I took while wandering on the University of Texas campus here in Austin a couple of weekends ago.  I was out testing my new gear in the field, and having a heck of a good time doing it!  I love hallway shots, and the texture on the wall and the floor just drew me into this one.

Hallway towards wisdom

A quick THANK YOU!

First of all, just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by yesterday and commented on both of my images and of course the feedback regarding the new gear I purchased.  It is definitely appreciated!  Although today's post was also taken with the D700 and 14-24, in reality most of my upcoming shots will still be from my old gear.  I have something like 30,000 images in the library now, and no shortage of shots that I still want to share!

Now, on to today's shot...

In reality, I think this hallway led to a janitorial closet, but that didn't sound as good!  This is another shot taken with my new Nikon D700 last Sunday, and I also used the new 14-24 wide angle lens.  That lens is just incredibly wide.  I love it.  I could go on for hours about it.

I took this on the campus of the University of Texas here in Austin.  After getting some sunrise shots downtown, I zipped up to campus to try a few other things before heading home.  I wandered into one of the buildings, and just loved that bright morning light coming through the windows, and the shadows it created on the wall. Oh, and the colors outside, and the warm tones inside, and...

I am a fan of hallway shots anyways, and I had my new 14-24 on the new camera, so of  Or in this case, more like click click click click click click click (gotta love 7 frame auto-bracketing!).

Littlefield Fountain

Here's a shot from my home town of Austin.  This is the Littlefield Fountain which is on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin, which is where I went to school.  This shot is actually fairly old, but I came across it in the archives recently and realized I had never done anything with it.  After letting HDR Efex Pro do its magic, I was really happy with the look of the water.  I would call it somewhat impressionistic, but I found it interesting nonetheless.

Campus reflections

This is a hidden little spot that I discovered, quite by accident, while walking around on the campus of The University of Texas at Austin.  I had been shooting there and just having a good time.  After a bit I began to meander, which I like to do while holding a camera, and ended up in this spot, which was tucked in nicely among a few buildings.

I took this as an HDR, quite a while back, and had processed it with Photomatix.  However, I was never sold on the result so it just sat in my library.  Fast forward to now and Nik Software’s HDR Efex Pro has come along - and it’s great!  I am sold!  I really love the product, as well as the other ones that come in their Complete Collection.  Anyways, I went back and processed this with HDR Efex Pro and it just did such a better job with the photo.  

If you are interested, I wrote up a little review/tutorial on my blog about HDR Efex Pro, which you can read about here: 

Thanks for stopping by!

Under the UT Tower

I love shooting at The University of Texas here in Austin - it has so many cool buildings and things to photograph.  Now that the weather is cooler, I think I need to get over there for a photowalk.  This was shot a while back when I was there with my friend Pete Talke.  This is the hallway that is on the lower level of the UT Tower building, aka the Main Building.  It's funny how your photographic eye changes over time.  I think now about all the shots I could have gotten in this scene but at the time I didn't even think of them.  But that's what makes a return visit so fun I guess.  You see the same old stuff in new ways...

Hallway of higher learning

This shot is from the campus of The University of Texas in Austin.  My friend Pete Talke and I got out there last December for a nice photowalk.  We got shots from all over the place and I still have many to review and process.  This one was from one of the buildings just beyond the Littlefield Fountain, if you know the place.  Anyways, I really like the repetitive pattern of the arches, and besides, I thought you may want to see something other than a blue hour shot!

The cool thing about photography is that I find my skills and tastes change over time, and (hopefully) improve as well.  I remember many months ago I worked on this shot and never came up with anything that I even remotely liked, so I shelved it (I rarely delete shots for the very reason that I expect in the future I may find either new skills, new tools, or new interests that may cause me to regret deleting it).  A few days ago I was scanning through some of my folders and came across this one, so I took a stab at it for the second time.  This time around I decided that I liked it.  Thanks for looking!

The blue door

As I have written here before, I am a fan of doors and entryways - if they're interesting that is.  I'm also a big fan of architecture, though I am not well-educated on that subject.  I found this one while walking around on the campus of The University of Texas at Austin, aka the greatest college of all time (ok, so maybe I am a litle biased).  I think the lamp posts are awesome looking and all the detail carved in the stone around the door caught my eye.  I think I need to get back down to campus as there are so many little nooks and crannies to explore and take shots of - hopefully this summer sometime!

Falling waters

Taken on the campus of The University of Texas at Austin, while on a photowalk with my buddy Pete Talke.  We had a good time hiking around this stream and under a nearby stone bridge, snapping up lots of pics along the way.  This is a 5 exposure HDR taken at f/22, which pretty much always gives you nice water movement in an HDR photo.  I created the HDR in Photomatix and then made some adjustments in PSE and Aperture.