Towards Union Station

I grabbed this shot on a cold, snowy morning in Denver, CO recently.  I love getting out and shooting in the early morning for a lot of reasons, but one of the primary reasons is that you can capture scenes without all the busy-ness of the day.  Things are still quiet and calm and you can enjoy your creative time without the distractions of lots of cars or people walking into your shots.  :-)

For this shot, I was really drawn in by the long colored reflections of the various lights shining on the wet street.  I just love how those look.  I was also making my way towards Union Station, which has that wonderful “Travel by Train” sign in bright neon on top.  I just love that sign.  Plus I love train stations, so it’s like a double-dip of awesomeness, first thing in the morning!

If you want a closer view of that sign, or of Union Station, you can click here.

Blue hour at Union Station

There are two things that I really love to shoot: train stations and neon signs.  Union Station in downtown Denver has both, and is a real beauty of a structure as well.  On my recent trip up to Denver, I knew I wanted to catch this place in the morning, either before or during sunrise.  I definitely wanted to get a shot with that fabulous neon sign all lit up.  It's just so cool.

So, I got up early and walked in the cold about 10 blocks down to the station.  There was a light snow blowing in the air, and having just come from warm Texas, it felt like I was in the depths of winter.  When I arrived and saw that construction barrier I was a bit disappointed, but the light was excellent and I knew the HDR process would give me some nice light across the streets as well.  It ended up being pretty awesome, actually!

Strolling in LoDo

LoDo is an abbreviation for Lower Downtown and is a historic district in Denver, CO.  It is a great place to wander with a camera, and for me the main attraction is their wonderful Union Station with that awesome Beaux-Arts facade (yep, I had to look that one up!).  I love both architecture and train stations anyways, and this one is so cool looking that you just have to photograph it.  Sadly, the inside just doesn't measure up to the outside, but hey who's complaining?  The exterior is without peer.  Here's a closeup shot of the exterior that I have previously shared here on the blog...thought it might be worth trotting out again for another viewing.

If you are ever in the area be sure and stop by - lots of great things to photograph in this part of Denver!

In the basement of the terminal

Trains and HDR are a match made in heaven.  That's all I have to say about that.  I shot this one after wandering into a "no tourist zone" at Union Station in Kansas City.  There was a gate to keep people out, but it was ajar.  That's sort of like an invitation to enter, isn't it?

The diner in Union Station

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Photo of the day: The diner in Union Station - Kansas City

I was walking around in Union Station, in downtown Kansas City, and came upon this little diner which appeared to be somewhat abandoned.  It wasn’t in bad shape, but as you can see the seats were displaced and the rest of the place was in a bit of disarray.  It wasn’t a total mess by any stretch, just seemed a little off I guess.  Fortunately, the floors were shiny!  I am not sure if it is currently used, or maybe at the time they were doing some construction, but either way I spent a few minutes and got some pics while I was there.  I loved the floor, and the old photos on the wall show Union Station back when in its glory days.  If you scroll down on the right side of my blog here, you will see a category listing for Kansas City, and if you click thru to that you can see several shots of the wonderful architecture that I captured while I was there in this historic train station.  Thanks for stopping by!

Culture clash

I found this on the back side of Union Station, in Kansas City.  It was an interesting mix of things, with the modern architecture on the left, the classical architecture on the right, and the prehistoric right in the middle. I find it interesting when there is a modern addition to a classical structure.  Not sure who decided these types would work together, but they do for me.

After hours in Union Station

Another shot of the wonderful and awesome interior of Union Station in Kansas City.  I wandered around (inside and out) for a few hours, snapping this and that and generally just enjoying the heck out of it!  In this shot, I focused on that large clock which I just loved.  KC did a wonderful job restoring this fine structure to its original glory.  It was almost like being back in time - except of course for those Sprint signs.  Thanks for stopping by!

Clouds over Union Station

When I was in Kansas City, I shot like crazy all around and inside their Union Station, which you see here.  It is a fabulous building and just reaffirms my interest in architecture.  It's so wonderfully refreshing when you go somewhere, find an old building, and see it lovingly restored to its (mostly) original grandeur.  I think that may be why I like The Ferry Building in San Francisco so much, too.  For this shot I went with a tight crop of Union Station with a bit of the skyline in the background.  It was obviously afternoon, which isn't exactly ideal for HDR, but what the heck right?

Hop on the bokeh train

Just a little bokeh fun for a Monday morning!  I shot this at Union Station in Kansas City.  In this case I was just experimenting with bokeh and having fun.  Hope your week is off to a great start!

Denver's Union Station

I have discovered through my travel and photography that train stations are cool.  Ok, so you probably knew that already, but I'm a little slow.  I enjoyed exploring around Union Station in Kansas City, and when I went to Denver I found they also have a Union Station.  In Denver's case, the real beauty in my opinion is the facade. The inside is not very large so I focused my photography efforts (no pun intended) on trying to get some cool shots of that awesome looking red neon sign.  I like vintage signs (something else I have discovered through photography) and thought the "Travel by Train" in red neon was just too cool to pass up.  This is shot from the back side of Union Station.  Though I took some shots out front, there was traffic etc so they weren't as clear as I had hoped.  I went through the station, up onto one of the platforms, and sorta climbed a fence to get this view, which is really just the upper half of the structure.  You can see the top of the railing in the shot running across the bottom of the photo.  The skies were cool that day, as you can see, and I loved the detail and all the architectural elements.