Trinity College Library

This is one impressive library!

This library sits on the campus of Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.  I was in Dublin about a week ago, and prior to my visit I had a list of new places I wanted to go shoot there, and this was #1 on the list.  Isn't it awesome?

I have been to Dublin several times now, but for various reasons had never made it here to see this incredible library.  I have seen photos online so I knew it was something worth visiting.  I'm glad I had the time for it!

It was somewhat busy, though not entirely crowded, but when I am in places like this I try and exclude the tourists from the shots if possible.  In this case, I just aimed a little higher than normal.  Regardless, I thought it gave a nice view of the place, and in case you are curious, no you cannot touch the books. 

Some of these things are really old.  The Library also houses the famous Book of Kells, which dates from something like 800 AD.  So yeah, some old stuff in this place.  If you find yourself in Dublin, go and check this out!

Sunrise at Trinity College

Sometimes you get up early and Mother Nature rewards you!

I say here often that sunrise is one of the best times to shoot, and I really think that.  Yes it's hard to get up but I find that it is nearly always worth it.  Sure, some mornings just turn out crappy but usually I end up with plenty of keepers.

The thing is that it is impossible to predict. You never know what you might get.  With sunset, you have the benefit of checking out the weather report, looking outside at the sky and then making a decision.  Plus let's face it - you're already awake.

But with sunrise, it's a total gamble.  

When I travel to Europe, I prefer sunrise though since I can wander the streets of whatever town I am in without all the tourists in the way.  I just prefer my shots that way, plus I actually enjoy being able to walk around by myself, undisturbed, while doing some creative work.  It's fun.

This image was taken on the campus of Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland one beautiful morning.  See?  Sometimes you do get rewarded.

And here's a "behind the keyboard" showing the HDR before I added filters in Color Efex Pro (left side) and the image after the filters were applied (right side).  I hope you don't mind these little Before/After comparisons because I sure enjoy sharing them.

Trinity College architecture

Travel photo tip: if you are in a new city and looking for something interesting to shoot, a University is usually a good bet, if you like architecture.  Generally speaking, the architecture found on a University campus is pretty awesome.  It pays off more often than not!

That’s exactly what led me here to Trinity College one morning in Dublin.  I saw it on a map, and took a wild guess that I might find something worth shooting.

Trinity College is Ireland’s oldest University and sits squarely in the middle of the city.  As far as history goes, it has a lengthy one since it was founded in 1592.  That makes it pretty old, by my calculations. :-)

It’s also pretty beautiful, and the architecture is fabulous.  It didn’t hurt that I got some incredible clouds and color while wandering there that morning.  

One thing to note though if you go there and plan to shoot with a tripod - they aren’t allowed.  I did it anyways, but only because I didn’t know.  I was literally taking my last shot when a security guard found me and told me no tripods.  I just kept him talking long enough for that last set of brackets to finish. :-)

The Bell Tower at Trinity College

This is the bell tower at the center of Trinity College’s campus in Dublin, Ireland.  I was shooting around there for a while at sunrise one morning - which was great because I had it to myself, and as you can see there was a lot of interest in the sky.

Unfortunately, not long after this, the security guard took interest in me and told me shooting with a tripod on campus was not allowed.  What a stupid rule.  Anyways, I was actually firing my last shot when he found me, so I just talked with him while my last set of brackets fired, and I was done, so I left letting him think he won. :-)

Sunrise at Trinity College

I love Dublin - it's a great town.  There is so much to photograph and the people are just so nice (and of course, I love the accent).  One morning there, I got up early in order to shoot the sunrise.  I had been wandering for a bit when I came to Trinity College.  I had heard about this from some friends, and wanted to check out their Library which houses The Book of Kells.  Sadly, the library was closed (this was early on a Sunday morning) so instead I continued to wander and shoot.  

At some point I was back at the entrance, and set up for this shot when I saw a security guard of some sort walking my way.  As he approached, I went ahead and started firing my brackets for this one, since I could guess what he was going to say.  He told me they do not allow tripods there on campus, though he couldn't explain why except that it is one of "the rules".  So I delayed him while my brackets finished, and since it was my last shot anyways, I packed up and left.  Besides, I had been on their campus for about an hour already, firing shots left and right.  I didn't tell him that, of course.  :)

Technicals: Nikon D700, 7 exposures, f/13, 14-24 wide angle lens (at 14mm)

Software: Photomatix, Color Efex Pro, Aperture

And while I was at it, I went ahead and created a HDR Before & After comparison for your viewing pleasure (well, ok I did it for fun mostly).  Anyways, thanks for looking!