Night at the Tower Bridge

Night at the Tower Bridge

Night at the Tower Bridge in lovely London…

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Hey, get outta my picture!!

Have you ever set up for a scene and then at the last moment, someone walks into it?  Don't you hate that?!

I was on the Tower Bridge in London, and it was the end of my shooting.  I was tired from a long day of work and sunset was done, blue hour was nearly done, and I was ready to call it quits.  Then as I crossed the Tower Bridge, I had the idea to get a long exposure with a bus passing.  I thought it would be cool. 

The problem though is that I waited and waited for a bus...and nothing.  I was about to pack it up, and then I saw a bus coming.  Yay!  I'm going to get my shot after all, I thought.

So I set up and right before the bus arrived, I hit the shutter.  It was going great, and then this guy decides to step in front of my shot and ruin it.  You @%&*^$!!!

I screamed and cussed out loud but the passing bus drowned it out, so it didn't matter.

So, here's my shot - ruined - but heck I decided to share it anyways.

Dreamy Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge in London is one of those iconic structures that everyone goes to see, and most photograph.  I did the same.  Call me a tourist if you must, but some things you just have to shoot (like I mentioned yesterday).  So, I hung out there and took many, many shots of this beautiful bridge.  You see, I have a thing for bridges anyways, so add the allure of it being one of the most famous, and BAM! I will sit there for a long time and examine it through the lens in a lot of different ways.  In this case, I went for a soft, almost hazy bit of processing to give it sort of a dreamy look.  I rather like it, but it's a slightly different look...

The Tower Bridge, smokin'

Sorry for the post and run today - and I will not be online much for the next few days - but we are having a little family getaway to the Texas coast.  You know, it’s not hot enough here so we need to go sit in the sun for a few days and really sweat!  I’ll catch up next week!

This was a single exposure of the Tower Bridge in London that I took while waiting for the sunset and blue hour to arrive.  I must have stood in the same spot, or within 100 feet of it, for several hours just waiting on the light to change.  I guess we do that as photographers - there are long periods of relative inactivity, followed by a few minutes (if we are lucky) of extreme high pressure clicking!   Ain’t it great?

I thought it looked like that cloud was a plume of smoke arising from the bridge, hence the title.  Hope you like it and thanks for stopping by!  I sure hope that everyone in London is doing ok with all the unrest there - love that city and hope all is well!

Walking on the Tower Bridge

I usually don't post images from the same place twice in a row, but just wanted to get this shot out there as I thought it was a fun perspective on the Tower Bridge in London.  Honestly it was just a quick snap I took as I was walking across it, but after I worked on it a little bit (had to straighten it, for starters) I really liked how it came out.

I am back in Austin today, and headed to Seattle tomorrow.  Lots to do, and not much time to do it.  I appreciate everyone's visits and comments, and plan to catch up with you all soon.

The Tower Bridge

Today's photo is from London, but I am guessing you already figured that out right?  I arrived into London on Tuesday last week - late in the day - and was hurrying to get down to the Tower Bridge for some shots that evening.  I did not make it there on my previous London visit in April due to lack of time, and really wanted to shoot it.  I just love bridges, and this one is pretty compelling in my opinion.  So, after a plane ride from Glasgow, an express train from Heathrow to London, a tube ride over to my hotel, and another tube ride back down to this area, I was all set!  (the lengths we go to for photography!)  As expected, there were a lot of other photogs there doing their thing, so I got to hang out with random photo-tourist types, geek out about photography, and enjoy a quiet sunset at a famous bridge.  A pretty good night in my book!!