Capitol construction

Our lovely Capitol building in downtown Austin is getting some work done on it.  I was downtown shooting recently and saw this, and found it somewhat interesting.  I made some adjustments to accentuate some of the color and detail, and just thought it came out sort of cool.  I had never seen it like this, so I wanted to share it with everyone.

Texas Capitol rotunda

Every photographer in Austin has probably taken 100 shots of the Texas Capitol - and here's another one!  It is a lovely structure with so many interesting elements at play.  Physically it is daunting but inside and underground you can find a whole lot to satisfy your photographic cravings.  I had a little time on Saturday to get out and shoot, and though I have taken many shots here before, I opted to return and take a few more. This is the open-air rotunda, which is part of the extension that was added a few years back.   At this spot you are standing about 2 stories "underground" though with the open top you are technically outdoors.  It is a beautiful part of a lovely structure, and I enjoy the repetitive pattern of the columns plus the rain we got Saturday (yeah!) leaving those interesting spots and glossy shine all along the granite. 

Outside the Texas Capitol

This is just outside the Texas Capitol in Austin.  There are a series of underground meeting rooms and cool passageways, all connected to the Capitol, that one can explore.  It is a pretty interesting place.  The hallways converge in this little outdoor area, which is 2 floors below ground level.  I liked all these columns and you can see the large star in the center of the floor with the letters TEXAS between the points of the star.   

Chairs in the TX House of Reps

Well, the title pretty much sums this one up.  This is an HDR of the chairs in the Texas House of Representatives, which is in the Texas Capitol building in Austin.  I was there with my photo friend Pete Talke of and we got a bunch of shots, prior to any tourists getting in the way.  It's always nice to find an empty space to photograph...

Top of the Texas Capitol

Back in August, I went on a photowalk hosted by Trey Ratcliff of, who is an inspiration to a lot of photographers that I know.  We walked around downtown Austin and ended up at our State Capitol firing off a bunch of shots.  It was a fun event and yielded some interesting photos for me.  On this one, I just zoomed in on the dome atop the building, because I was interested in the detail and the lights that had just come on (it was near dusk).  Anyways, the cloud were moving quickly, as you can tell from the photo, and I generally thought it came out ok, but not great.  There are some obvious flaws but that's half the fun of photography - you never know what you will get.