Malmo Central Station

Yep, it's another train station from Europe.  I tell ya, I can't get enough of them!   It's funny how much I enjoy them, because as a kid I don't remember having a huge train addiction, like a lot of young boys do.  But I sure love them now and always enjoy my trains rides when I am in Europe.

Anyways, I grabbed this on a Sunday afternoon after taking the train over to Malmo from Copenhagen.  Since it was such a quick trip (30 minutes), I had to get to Sweden!  Of course, though I have now technically been to Sweden, it doesn't really feel like it since I didn't go to Stockholm.  Do you think it counts?  I mean, I spent half a day in a city in Sweden...that counts right??

Regardless, I shot like crazy here because I just love all the lines.  Then I went and saw the town, which is pretty nice actually.


The back streets of Malmo

Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe.  ~Anatole France

Since my past post was about wandering on some back streets, I thought I would keep that theme alive for today's post and share an image from Malmo, Sweden.  Once again this was just me stumbling around, wandering, being sort of lost and disoriented - but all the while very happy to be firing brackets at interesting things I encountered.  When I saw this bike and the old but colorful walls, I was ecstatic!

Midnight on the ghost train

I went to Sweden!  Ok, it was brief - but I went!

This is the main terminal, or Central Station, in Malmo Sweden.  Yes, I went to Sweden.  I just like to say that.  Ok, so it wasn't a visit to Stockholm, but hey I was actually in Sweden so that counts, right?

Anyways, I took a day trip over from Copenhagen and just had to visit Malmo since it is only ~30 minutes away.  It was one of those "why not?" decisions.  I'm glad I did. 

Topaz Adjust saves the day...

As you can tell, this photo is a bit different than most of my shots.  I usually go for a bit more realistic look, but in this case I threw that idea out the window.  I was messing around with it in Topaz Adjust because after processing this 7 frame HDR, it just looked boring.  In fact, it was boring.  So I decided to run it through Topaz Adjust and hope for something interesting. 

While in Topaz I happened to pass my mouse over the "Color Negative" setting, and the preview just caught my eye!  That was it - I was done and very happy to have something interesting and unique out of an otherwise "blah" photo.  Thanks Topaz!!  You saved this one for me!

Oh, and I just named this photo based on the first thing that popped into my head when I saw it.  It was actually shot around 12 noon.  It was the Color Negative setting that made all the difference!

What would you call it?

Technicals: 7 frame HDR, f/13, 14-24mm wide angle lens (at 16mm)

Software: Photomatix, Color Efex Pro, Aperture, Topaz Adjust

iPhone fun in Malmo Sweden

When I was in Copenhagen, I found out that Malmo, Sweden was a short 30 minute train ride away.  Being the adventurous type, I had to go check out Sweden for the first time!  And no, since I didn't get to Stockholm, I don't really count it as a "visit to Sweden" but hey I did set foot in the country for half a day!

I will say that it is a nice little town, worthy of a visit, easy to get to, and easy to navigate (smaller towns usually are).  There are some nice sights there, and I am glad I went!

I took lots of shots with my Nikon, none of which I have had the time to process yet.  So, how about a little iPhone fun from Malmo?

Here's the train station...I love train stations...I love trains too.  Sweet, sweet train stations.  

And this kayaker really caught my eye, just a minute after I took that first shot...and I love kayaking as well.  This guy was moving fast!

I love foreign languages, even though I can't speak/spell/pronounce most of them!  This sign though is pretty easy to figure out - well, at least I think it is!

I went to a park...

I went to a town square...

And another town square...and I lunched under those umbrellas!

And I found this interesting little scene...I love bikes when they are casually leaned up on an interesting wall.

This was a pretty quick tour but I do appreciate you looking!