Blue hour in Denmark

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I seriously loved my visit to Copenhagen, Denmark.  It is such a beautiful city.  Though I was there for work, I packed in a lot of photo time.  This was on my first night there.   I had been to dinner and shot some incredible sunset shots at Nyhavn and along the streets walking back towards my hotel.

This was along Stroget, which is their pedestrian shopping zone and I believe it's the biggest of its kind in Europe.  Anyways, I just couldn't resist gunning more brackets at nearly every step.  I would walk a few steps, look around in every direction, take a few shots, and move on.  I kept repeating that all the way down Stroget, and my hotel was all the way at the end.  It made for a slow walk home, although a productive one!

Sunset in Copenhagen

I love European streets.  There's just something about them.  The cobblestones, the historic architecture - it just pleases me to look at them, whether through a camera lens or not (though to be honest, mostly through the lens).

This one is just off the Stroget in Copenhagen, Denmark.  I was having dinner and happened to look out the window of the restaurant.  I saw this stunning sunset coming together, and just had to run outside and get a shot.  The food will wait - the sunset will not!

One more thing: here is a Before & After version.  You can see how "flat" the photo was coming out of Photomatix (which is how I like it) and compared to the final result it is vastly different!

Stroget shimmers

Stroget is a pedestrian zone in Copenhagen, Denmark and is the longest pedestrian shopping zone in Europe.  Lucky for me, it's also nice to photograph after a light rain, because I hate shopping. :)

I caught this on my first night there.  I had been out to Nyhavn for dinner and shot sunset and blue hour there.  I was walking back to my hotel, down Stroget, and just loved the glistening created by the rain.  I also love that the rain happens to drive most folks inside for awhile.